Editors Note: The following is a reprint of a letter James Bray, APA President 2009, submitted to Council before leaving office.


Summary of Accomplishments

James H. Bray, President, American Psychological Association

December 2009


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This has been an amazing year and I am honored to have served as the 117th
APA President.  We have accomplished a great deal even under some personal
and professional challenging and difficult circumstances.  This Council and
our staff should feel very proud of the great work that we have done this
year for our members, association and field.  Here are but a few of the
major and minor accomplishments:

1. Created and passed our first-ever strategic plan that includes a new
mission and vision statement.
2. Created a new vision for the practice of psychology through the Future of
Psychology Practice Initiative and Summit
3.  Maintained the financial viability of the APA in these tough economic
4. Changed the way that Council votes using electronic clickers that provide
for more accurate and accountable votes.
5. Changed the timetable for Presidential elections.
6. Changed the by-laws regarding membership in the association.
7. Created a blue print for psychology¹s contributions to ending
8. Defined psychology as a core STEM discipline.
9. Began transforming the APA Convention through the Convention within a
Convention, successful Community Day and Speed Mentoring.
10. Included psychological services in national health care reform.
11. Adopted as APA policy and implemented the member passed resolution
“Psychologists and Unlawful Detention Settings with a Focus on National
12. Directed the APA Ethics Committee to develop new language for Ethics
code 1.02.  

And last but certainly not the least (drum roll please!!): Launched the new
APA website.  

There is much more to do in the future and I personally plan to work harder
on getting more states to give prescriptive authority to psychologists and a
few other things. But, it is time to pass the gavel to our next president,
Carol Goodheart.  As my father told me: Lead, follow, or get out of the
way.  It is time to follow Carol’s lead and get out of the way for our future

I want to thank all of you for your support and hard work in making these
things happen. Special thanks go to our hard working APA staff, the best on
the planet. I will hopefully make it to midnight and raise a toast of Dom
Perignon to you all.

I wish you, and especially Carol, a happy, successful and prosperous New

Happy trails.