Volume 8, Number 1

January, 2004

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Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte

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Division Representatives



Randall W. Engle

Georgia Institute of Technology

(404) 894-8036



Alice Healy

University of Colorado

(303) 492-5032


Past President

David A. Balota

Washington University

(314) 935-6549



David S. Gorfein

University of Texas at Arlington

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Charles L. Brewer

Furman University

(803) 2943216


Members-At-Large of the Executive Committee

Veronica J. Dark (8/03-06)

Iowa State University

(515) 294-1688


Thomas R. Zentall (8/03-06)

University of Kentucky

(859) 257-4076


Earl B. Hunt (8/02-05)

University of Washington

(206) 543-8995


Judith F. Kroll (8/02-05)

Pennsylvania State University

(814) 863-0126


Mark H. Ashcraft (8/03-04)

Cleveland State University

(216) 687-50322545


Alice F. Healy (8/01-04)

University of Colorado

(303) 492-5032


Representative to APA Council

Emanuel E. Donchin (8/03-06)

University of Illinois

(217) 333-9536


Lewis P. Lipsitt (8/02-05)

Brown University

(401) 863-2332


Harry P. Bahrick (8/01-04) 

Ohio Wesleyan University

(614) 368-3805


Board of Directors

J. Bruce Overmier

University of Minnesota

(612) 625-1835


Committee Chairs

Ruth Maki (Awards)

Texas Tech University

(806) 742-3711 Ext. 224


Judith F. Kroll (Fellows)

Pennsylvania State University

(814) 863-0126


David A. Balota (Membership)

Washington University

(314) 935-6549


Andrew Conway (Program)

University of Illinois at Chicago

(312) 413-9407





Minutes Executive Committee Meeting: 11/8/03 Vancouver

David Gorfein, APA Division 3 Secretary-Treasurer


Members Present: Randall Engle (President), Alice Healy (President-Elect), Mark Ashcraft, Earl Hunt, Judy Kroll, Tom Zentall, David Gorfein (secretary-treasurer)

Guests: Andy Conway (Program chair), Kristi Multhaup, and Mark Faust (Newsletter)

Engle announced that Manny Donchin had indicated his willingness to serve the term as council representative relinquished due to the illness of William Dember.

Program Committee Report: Indicated a good deal of difficulty getting speakers to attend the meeting in Hawaii. Suggestions made included inviting division officers and others who must attend to speak. A subsequent discussion touched on the possibility of following divisions 2 and 8 in moving the meeting to a different location from the main APA meeting. It was suggested that we might attach on to the Psychonomic Society meeting. No formal action was taken.

Newsletter: We agreed to an electronic newsletter format with issues in Feb/March and Aug/September of each year. There will be a President’s column, one from graduate students, and someone will be sought to add a humor column. In subsequent (electronic) discussion the consensus was not to accept advertising in the newsletter.

Fellows: It was decided to conduct the normal fellow review this year and not solicit fellows from among Fellows of other divisions.

The problem of finding a replacement for Kurt Salzinger at APA was discussed but no action was taken.

Respectfully submitted,

David S. Gorfein

Secretary-Treasurer Division 3

Dept. Of Psychology

University of Texas

Box 19528

Arlington, TX 76019-0528

(817)272-3200 Fax:(817)272-2364