Volume 9, Number 2

September, 2005

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Support Science, Vote for Overmier and Brehm for APA President


MaryLou Cheal

Why vote for APA president:  The president of APA is the most influential individual in APA.  This is the one person who can have the most influence on the things that you want APA to do for you and for members of your group/s.  Often members who are not involved in APA governance think that they do not know the candidates and it does not matter if they vote.  The next paragraph is for you.

How to vote for APA president: In this case it is really how to choose your candidates. To vote for APA president, one must first chose the candidates that one wants to support. The decision is made as to which candidates on the ballot will support ones own goals and then one ranks them in order.  In APA one does not just vote for one candidate and think that is it.  It is important to rank the candidates because of the Hare system that is used by APA.  When the votes are received, the number of #1 ranked votes for each candidate is noted.  The person with the fewest votes is dropped.  At that point, the #2 ranked candidate for those voters is given their votes.  Thus, if your #1 candidate is dropped, your vote still counts. This process continues until one candidate gets a majority of the votes cast.  It is usually on at least the third or fourth count that the president is decided.

Who to rank first for APA president: Which candidates should you choose?  I find the best method, if you do not know the candidates, is to read what they have done.  What they say they will do is less useful, because the president must be everything to all members; so, all say they support academia, practice, and science.  But what have they done?  If they have spent most of their career in academia, then they will likely support the things that academics want.  The same can be said for practice activities, and for research activities.  Thus, I pay much more attention to what candidates have done than to what they say.

For Division 3 members, candidates who have a strong record for supporting science and academia and, thus, are likely to continue to support science and academia are Sharon Brehm (www.brehm4apa.com) and Bruce Overmier (http://www.psych.umn.edu/faculty/Overmier.htm).  Both have been very active in APA governance and have promoted science goals.  In addition, Bruce is a fellow of the division, has been our Council representative, and has held other offices on the executive committee.  Therefore, you are encouraged to rank Sharon and Bruce as #1 and #2 candidates, in the order of your choice.

The important thing to do is VOTE!


MaryLou Cheal