Volume 10, Number 2

September, 2006

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APA Presidential Election

MaryLou Cheal & Lewis P. Lipsitt


Editor's Note: The Division 3 Board considered the candidates at the New Orleans meeting and agrees (see letter below) that Alan Kazdin and Nora Newcombe are both excellent candidates, either of whom would serve well the interests of Division 3. (Howard Egeth, Personal Communication)

In mid-October, you will be receiving the ballot for election of APA president-elect. Please open it immediately and cast your vote before the ballot gets buried under the mountains of paper we all have in our offices. If every member voted, we would have a good chance of having a majority to win the election of a candidate with a strong science background and science agenda. If you have any doubts about how to vote, perhaps this will help.

Last year, thanks to many of you, an outstanding scientist was elected as president-elect. Sharon Brehm will take office as President in January 2007. Now we are looking for the person who will be president in 2008. Again, we have two outstanding scientists who have agreed to run for President of APA. We hope you will support them.

Alan E. Kazdin (see http://votekazdinapa.yale.edu) and Nora Newcombe (see http://astro.temple.edu/~newcombe/) would be excellent leaders for our organization. We hope that both of them will have long and effective leadership roles in APA. To learn about their backgrounds, in addition to checking their websites, you can do a Google on either of them to obtain valuable information. You can also read their published answers to specific questions in recent issues of the APA Monitor. Below is a copy of one paragraph from each of their web sites:

Kazdin: “For over 30 years I have conducted programmatic research on clinical dysfunction and treatments for children and families. My students and I not only actively conduct research, we also study how research might be improved to augment its yield, utility, and impact. I am keenly interested in and worried about funding for research in our field, and I will be an informed, credible advocate to make the case for psychological research on our (and the public's) behalf.”

Newcombe: “A nationally recognized expert on cognitive development, Dr. Newcombe's research has focused on spatial development and the development of episodic and autobiographical memory. Her work has been federally funded by NICHD and the National Science Foundation for 20 years. Dr. Newcombe has served as Editor of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General and as Associate Editor of Psychological Bulletin, as well as on the Human Cognition and Perception Panel at the National Science Foundation and numerous editorial boards.”

These quotes give just a very small idea of their prior contributions to psychological science and are indicative of what they can do for APA.

Remember the names. And remember to vote. Vote for #1 Alan E. Kazdin and #2 Nora Newcombe!