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March, 2007

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News & Member Communications

Candidates for Division 3 officers—Angelo Santi

Congratulations to Division 3 members Ed Wasserman & Tom Zentall, our incoming and past presidents!

Women in Cognitive Science: A Look Back and Into the Future    —Laurie Feldman, Janet van Hell, Suparna Rajaram, Judy Kroll and Randi Martin


Candidates for Division 3 officers—Angelo Santi

The candidates for Div 3 officers as submitted to APA are:


1) Nelson Cowan Ph.D.

2) David S. Gorfein Ph.D.

3) Ralph R. Miller Ph.D.



1) Mark E. Bouton Ph.D.

2) Robert G. Cook Ph.D.

3) Steven J. Luck Ph.D.

4) Nora S. Newcombe Ph.D.



1) Marylou Cheal Ph.D.

2) Emanuel Donchin Ph.D.

3) Peter R. Killeen Ph.D.

Each candidate will be invited to submit a 250 word statement to appear on APAs website. Look for the APA Division 3 election ballot and directions to access each candidate's statement in your mailbox sometime after the middle of April.



Congratulations to Division 3 members Ed Wasserman & Tom Zentall, our incoming and past presidents!



February 6, 2007, Washington, DC, – The Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division (PSP) of the Association of American Publishers (AAP) today announced the winner of the R.R. Hawkins Award for the Outstanding Professional, Reference or Scholarly Work of 2006….along with awards in 30 categories for outstanding books, journals and digital products covering a wide range of academic disciplines.


AAP President and CEO Pat Schroeder extended the Association’s congratulations to all of the PSP Award honorees, noting that “promoting and encouraging the dissemination of scholarship is one of AAP’s primary missions,” and highlighting the special honor of being chosen by one’s peers for these awards. This year’s panel of expert judges was made up of librarians, academics and working publishers.


The Association of American Publishers is the national trade association of the U.S. book publishing industry. AAP’s more than 300 members include most of the major commercial publishers in the United States, as well as smaller and non-profit publishers, university presses and scholarly societies—small and large. AAP members publish hardcover and paperback books in every field, educational materials for the elementary, secondary, postsecondary, and professional markets, scholarly journals, computer software, and electronic products and services. The protection of intellectual property rights in all media, the defense of the freedom to read and the freedom to publish at home and abroad, and the promotion of reading and literacy are among the Association’s highest priorities.


Honorees in the category of Psychology & Cognitive Science are



To: Oxford University Press

For: The Redemptive Self

By: Dan P. McAdams


Honorable Mention:


To: Oxford University Press

For: Comparative Cognition: Experimental Explorations of Animal Intelligence

By: Edward A. Wasserman and Thomas R. Zentall



Women in Cognitive Science: A Look Back and Into the Future    —Laurie Feldman, Janet van Hell, Suparna Rajaram, Judy Kroll and Randi Martin


Each year since its inception in 2001, members of Women in Cognitive Science (WICS) have convened just before the start of the annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society. The specific theme of each meeting differs but the overall goal is to discuss the evolving status of women in science and to foster research to develop strategies that are effective in improving the position of junior and senior women scientists at their home institutions and in the profession more globally The program of annual meetings can be found at the WISC website: http://psych.rice.edu/wics/.


The 2006 meeting was a panel discussion on Establishing professional connections and collaboration. Nora Newcombe served as the panel moderator. The panel included senior and junior researchers: Randy Engle, Rochel Gelman, Kelly Goedert, Anouk Scheres, and Natasha Tokowicz. The junior researchers were all past winners of WICS travel awards. Prior to the meeting, the group circulated a document about the value of attending conferences from a social networking as well as an intellectual perspective that was created by the Gender Equity project at Hunter College directed by Virginia Valian. Dr Valian was present at the WICS meeting and hosted an informal discussion during the APA-sponsored social hour following the meeting.


One of the new goals of WICS is to promote a closer connection between female scientists in Europe and the US. WICS-meetings are organized in conjunction with the annual meetings of Psychonomics (since 2001) and the biannual meetings of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (since 2003). In 2007 the US meeting will be in Long Beach, CA (November) and the European meeting will be in Marseille, France (August). Both meetings are attended by male and female scientists from around the world who are concerned about issues of equity and advancement in science. In the coming years WICS aims to enhance international scientific and professional interactions and exchanges.


Judith Kroll, Randi Martin, and Suparna Rajaram founded WICS in 2001, have organized the annual U.S. meetings since, and received a grant from the Advance Leadership Program at the NSF in 2003 to sponsor the activities of WICS. An advisory board was formed in 2002 consisting of Mary Peterson, Molly Potter, Valerie Reyna, Lynn Robertson, and Kathy Spoehr. The advisory board has been instrumental in administering travel and mentoring awards that were made possible by the NSF grant and in developing additional opportunities for women cognitive scientists. The travel grants supported conference and lab visits for four young scientists. Three senior scientists received mentoring awards. Since its inception, the number of WICS-members steadily increased to over 400 in 2006 [become a member by signing up at the WICS website noted above]. In anticipation of a new program announcement from NSF, Laurie Feldman and Janet van Hell joined the leadership in 2006. New emphases in the next proposal will include a more international focus on women cognitive scientists and enhancing opportunities for networking at the junior level.