Volume 11, Number 2

October, 2007

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New Division 3 Fellows

– Linda Parker


Dear Members of Division 3,


            I am pleased to report that this year 9 New Fellows have been elected to Division 3 of APA and 4 Current Fellows of APA have been elected as Fellows to Division 3.  A brief biography of each of these researchers is presented below.


Respectfully submitted,


Linda A. Parker

Professor of Psychology

University of Guelph

Guelph, Ontario, Canada


New APA Fellows of Division 3 (2007)


Dr Woo-Kyong Ahn

Dr. Woo-kyoung Ahn Associate Professor is a Professor Psychology at Yale University. Dr. Ahn is an associate editor of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General and she serves on three editoral boards (JEP: G, Cognitive Science, Memory & Cognition).  She extensively reviews for various journals and granting agencies. Dr. Ahn is widely recognized as a leading figure in the area of higher order cognition.  She and her colleagues have published extensively in rigorously reviewed core experimental psychology journals.  One of these papers received the APA Division 3 new investigator award (to her student Nancy Kim) and this work was also featured in the APA monitor.  Since 1995, Professor Ahn has continuously received funding from either NSF 1995-1997) or NIMH (1998-2006) as the Principal Investigator.


Dr. D. Cody Brooks

Dr. D. Cody Brooks is currently an Associate Professor of Psychology at Denison University.  He has established a reputation as a productive experimental psychologist and psychopharmacologist. Starting with his graduate work with Mark Bouton, at the University of Vermont, and continuing to the present, Dr. Brooks has investigated manipulations that would maintain or restore the extinction effect, work that has important implications for understanding drug addiction and relapse. Many of his publications include undergraduates as co-authors, providing them with a valuable learning experience. He has also contributed to the profession as a consulting editor for Learning & Behavior.


Dr Bruce Brown

Dr. Bruce Brown received his PhD in 1968 from Yale and is currently a Professor of Psychology at Queen’s College, New York.  He has been a productive and creative researcher who has made outstanding contributions to the field of experimental psychology.  He has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals in the field of animal learning and perception. His work has contributed to the understanding of models of timing in animal behavior and to the identification of components of the internal clock in interval timing.  Furthermore, he has contributed to an understanding of "behaviorally silent learning" in autoshaping procedures. His more recent research is providing a better understanding of human timing processes and to the relationship of mechanisms in human and nonhuman timing.


Dr. John M. Henderson

Dr. John M. Henderson is a Professor at the University of Edinburgh, having previously held the same rank at Michigan State University.  He is currently the Editor of the journal Visual Cognition, Associate Editor of Journal of Eye Movement Research, and is on the editorial board or a consulting editor on 4 other journals, including JEP: Human Perception and Performance. His work has been consistently funded by NSF and NIH, as well as other agencies.  He has contributed 3 edited books and is extremely productive in publishing in rigorously reviewed journals.  He has carried out seminal work in a number of areas of higher order visual processing including transsaccadic integration of visual information in scene processing and reading, eye movement control in reading and visual object and scene perception , and recently fMRI correlates of scene processing.


Dr. Andrew Hollingworth

Dr Andrew Hollingworth is currently an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Iowa.  He has made a major contribution to the field in three research areas:  Scene perception and memory, eye movement control and top-down processes in vision.  He has published 23 highly cited articles in rigorously reviewed journals.  He received the New Investigator Award from Division 3 for his dissertation research. He has co-edited a volume entitled Visual Memory that is being published by Oxford. He is currently an associate editor of the journal Cognition and serves on the editorial board of 5 other journals including JEP: HPP and JEP: General. His work is funded by NIH.


Dr. Mark Hollins

Dr. Mark Hollins is a Professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He is one of the leaders among experimental researchers in psychology who work primarily on the sense of touch.  Dr. Hollins’ research is notable for both its depth and breadth, and for its significance both to understanding basic psychological (and by implication underlying neural processes) and to its application to real world activities, in normal and disturbed perceptional functioning.  His research is well known and highly regarded, it is funded by the NSF.  His work appears regularly in high quality peer-reviewed journal and is cited regularly in experimental papers, review articles and textbooks.


Dr. Jeffrey S. Katz

Jeffrey S. Katz is currently an Associate Professor at Auburn University.  He received the APA Division 3 Young Investigator Award in 2001 and has received teaching awards at the departmental, college and university level at Auburn University.  He currently holds a five year Alumni Professor Award from Auburn - a title awarded to the in the top 25 professors at the University based on teaching, research and service.  He is funded by both NSF and NIH.  He has published extensively in the best journals in his field.  According to a reviewer, “Dr. Katz is doing some of the most creative, ground-breaking work in the field of animal perception/cognition".  He is also Co-Secretary for the Comparative Cognition Society and Program Coordinator and Program Chair for the International Conference on Comparative Cognition.


Dr. Lisa Savage

Dr Lisa Savage is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Binghamton University, SUNY. She is a behavioral neuroscientist whose research focuses on the area of animal models of behavior disorders, particularly those arising from dietary and alcohol abuse. Her expertise runs from the molar analysis of learning and cognition, to the molecular bases of these activities.  She has an outstanding record of publications in top journals and these are widely cited. Dr. Savage won an APA Award for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contribution to Psychology in 2002. She has also served on several committees of APA. She is currently the Director of the Graduate Program in Psychology.  Her work is funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and she has received funding from both NSF and NIH. 


Dr John Spencer

Dr. John Spencer is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Iowa.  He has been a very productive researcher and theorist in the field of experimental psychology. He has an outstanding record of publications in the top journals in his field. His work is funded by NSF, NIMH, and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. John Spencer received the Award for Early Research Contributions from the Society for Research in Child Development in 2003. He has served on an NSF grant review panel. He has also been an excellent mentor of graduate students. Most recently, he is the founding Co-Director of the Iowa Center for Developmental and Learning Sciences.



Current Fellows of APA, awarded Fellow status in Divison 3 (2007)


Dr. Diana Deutsch

Dr. Diana Deutsch, Professor of Psychology, University of California, San Diego. Dr. Deutsch is an internationally renowned scholar in perception and memory for sounds, particularly music. She is currently Associate Editor of several journals including: Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America Express, Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts.  She has served as the Chair and is on the Executive Committee of Society of Experimental Psychologists.


Dr. Michael Pressley

Dr. Michael Pressley, an international scholar in cognitive and educational psychology, spent years as a Professor of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame.  He is the former editor of the Journal of Educational Psychology and has received several career awards.


Dr. Richard Sprott

Dr. Richard Sprott is currently the Executive Director of the Ellison Medical Foundation. Before taking this position, Dr. Sprott conducted research on behavioral genetics at The Jackson Laboratory and then directed the program on the Biology of Aging at the National Institute on Aging (NIA), NIH. A major focus of his career has been the development of animal models for aging research.


Dr. Elizabeth Zelinisky

Dr. Elizabeth M. Zelinski is currently the Rita & Edward Polusky Chair in Education and Aging and Professor of Gerontology and Psychology, Department of Gerontology, University of Southern California.  She has done seminal work in the areas of memory and cognitive changes in the elderly and the psychology of aging.