Volume 12, Number 1

March, 2008

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A Message from APA President-Elect

2009 APA Presidential Task Force

James Bray, 2009 APA President-Elect


I am pleased to announce the 2009 Presidential Task Force on the Future of Psychology Practice.  The Task Force will address current issues in professional practice and develop plans and policies for the future of psychological practice.  The scope will include both health services psychology and other forms of professional practice, such as consulting and community services.  The Task Force will also organize a Future of Psychology Practice Summit to be held in May 2009.  We will invite practice leaders from APA Divisions, state associations, the APA Practice Organization, other practice organizations, government agencies, consumers of psychological services, and the business and insurance industries to collaborate in developing a plan for the future of psychology practice.

It is time for psychology to re-focus on the practice of psychology, design our future and make this a top priority of the association.  The timing could not be better, as we have a new Executive Director for Practice, Dr. Katherine Nordal and the APA is developing a strategic plan for the entire association.    I am honored to have two outstanding psychologists co-chair this initiative, Carol Goodheart and Paul Craig.  Dr. Goodheart brings a wealth of ideas, energy and passion to this initiative.  She served the association with distinction as APA Treasurer and many other roles.  She previously developed ideas for a practice summit and graciously agreed to work together on this initiative to advance our profession.    Dr. Craig brings a vast range of experience and talents to this job.  He is a neuropsychologist in independent practice in Alaska, the current APA Treasurer and involved in the oil business.    

We are currently soliciting nominations for the Task Force.  Please email us the names of people you would recommend and include a statement about what they would contribute to the Task Force.  In addition, we welcome ideas and suggestions for topics and issues that you think we need to address for the future of psychology practice.    



James H. Bray, Ph.D.

Department of Family & Community Medicine

Baylor College of Medicine

3701 Kirby Drive,

6th Floor Houston, TX 77098

(713) 798-7752




2009 President of the American Psychological Association