Volume 12, Number 2

Septermber, 2008

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Division Representatives



Nelson Cowan

University of Missouri

(573) 882-7710



Ralph Miller

SUNY Binghamton

(607) 777-2291


Past President

Ed Wasserman

University of Iowa

(319) 335-2445



Veronica Dark

Iowa State

(515) 294-1688


Members-At-Large of the

Executive Committee

David Washburn (08-11)

Georgia State



Jeremy Wolfe (08-11)

Harvard University

(617) 768-8818


Mark Bouton (07-10)

University of Vermont

(802) 656-4164


Nora Newcombe (07-10)

Temple University

(215) 204-6944


Gil Einstein (06-09)

Furman University

(864) 294-3214


Karen Hollis (06-09)

Mount Holyoke College

(413) 538-2296


Graduate Student Representative

Daniel Brooks

University of Iowa

(319) 353-2031


Representative to APA Council

Emanuel Donchin (08-10)

University of South Florida

(813) 974-0466


Thomas R. Zentall (07-09)

University of Kentucky

(859) 257-4076


Committee Chairs

Michael Beran (Awards)

Georgia State

(404) 244-2469


Mike Young (Fellows, 08-09)

Southern Illinois University

(618) 453-3567


Emily Elliott (Program)

Louisiana State




Charles L. Brewer

Furman University

(803) 294-3216


Early Career Psychologist

Network Representative

Jessie Peissig

California State U. at Fullerton

(714) 278-8278




Division 3 Executive Meeting Minutes

– Angelo Santi

Minutes Division 3 Executive Committee Meeting

Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel, Hale Room

Boston, Massachusetts

Thursday August 14 2008

5:00 - 7:00 p.m.


Present: Edward Wasserman (President), Nelson Cowan (President-Elect), Thomas Zentall (APA Council Rep), Manny Donchin (APA Council Rep), Jeremy Wolfe (Program Chair), Daniel Brooks (Graduate Student Representative), Mark McDaniel, Karen Hollis, Mark Bouton, Nora Newcombe, Mike Young, Emily Elliott, Ralph Miller, Angela AuBuchon, Angelo Santi (Secretary-Treasurer).

Guests: Steven Breckler (Executive Director for Science) Sangy Panicker (Director, Research Ethics Office), Howard Kurtzman (Deputy Executive Director for Science).


  1. President’s Announcements: Wasserman reported the results of the Division 3 Election and the appointment of Committee Chairs.

Election. The President-Elect is Ralph R. Miller (2008-2009). Members-At-Large on the Executive committee: David A. Washburn (2008-2011) and Jeremy M. Wolfe (2008-2011).

Committee Chair Appointments. Program Committee Chair: Emily Elliott (2008-2009); Fellow Chair: Michael Young (2008-2009) and Lisa Savage (2009-2010); Awards Chair: Michael J. Beran (2008-2009).

Graduate Student Representative. Daniel Brooks (2007-2009), Angela AuBuchon (2009-2011).

Early Career Psychologist Network Representative. Jessie Peissig (2007-2009)

Secretary-Treasurer. Veronica Dark (2008-2011)

  1. Secretary-Treasurer’s Report: Membership and Finances
    1. Membership. The following table summarizes the membership in Division 3 for the past 7 years. Since 2002, the number of dues paying Members has declined, but the number of dues paying Fellows has increased. Overall, there has been a small decrease in the total number of dues paying members.










































Total Dues Paying
















Dues Exempt Members
















Total Membership









In February 2008, APA assisted the Division to collect fees and retain members by printing and mailing postcards (under the signature of the Secretary-Treasurer) to unpaid members. This was done at no charge to the Division. In April 2008, the Secretary-Treasurer sent out letters to 71 unpaid members strongly encouraging them to renew their membership in Division 3.

The number of student affiliate members, based on available annual reports, is shown in the following table. The numbers reported for 2006-2008 only include the student affiliates who joined the Division in the 7 years prior to the reporting year (i.e., 2001 for 2008). It isn’t clear what criteria were used in reporting numbers for the years 2002-2005.









Student Affiliates








Between August 2007 and July 2008, expressions of interest in joining Division 3 were received from a total of 57 APA Members, 4 APA Associate Members, and 86 APA Student Affiliates. Application forms were sent out to all of these individuals. During the same period, applications were received from 18 new members, 1 new associate member, and 14 new student affiliates. All of these applicants were accepted into the Division.

    1. Finances. Division 3’s income is derived primarily from annual membership dues as well as interest and dividends on investments. Membership dues for 2008 were $12 for members, fellows, and associates. No dues are charged to student affiliates. The following table summarizes the financial data from January 2002 to June 2008. The Division continues to be in excellent financial health. Overall, the net assets at the end of December increased by about $9,954 from 2002 to 2007.










Net Assets-January








Dues Income
















Total Expenses








Net Income








Net Assets - Dec








                *to end of June 2008

A number of new expenses have been incurred for 2007 and 2008. The following table shows that the potential total expenses for 2008 will be approximately $8,000. This amount is greater than our net income for 2008. However, the actual expenses incurred tend to be lower than the potential total amount because not all eligible expenses are fully claimed. It should be noted that, as of January 1, 2006, APA provides full reimbursement to Council Representatives for February Council Meetings and two nights hotel accommodation during the APA Annual Convention.


Office / Expense






Past President


Council Rep - APA Travel


Council Rep - APA Travel


Chair, Prog Comm


Secretary-Treasurer - APA Travel


Secretary-Treasurer – APA Registr.


Graduate Student Rep - APA Travel


APA Leadership Conference




Exec Meeting APA Conv 2008


Award Plaques/Shipping 2008


$100 Grad Best Poster Award


Social Hour at APA Conv


Federation Dues


Exec Meeting Psychonomics 2008


Award Winner APA Dues


Award Winner APA Registration 2008


APA Invited Speakers Travel




Estimated Potential Expense Total



  1. Approval of Dues Assessment for 2009

Dues for 2008 were increased from $11 to $12. Given the income generated by dues and the need to cover the expenses of the Division, there was a motion (Wolfe/Cowan) to increase the Division dues to $15 for 2009. The motion was approved.

  1. APA Council Report

Tom Zentall reported that Division 3 will lose a council representative next year. Every division, state, province is entitled to one representative. In order to get more than one, Division 3 would need to increase the percentage vote it receives on the apportionment ballot. Many APA members belong to more than one division and as a result they tend to split their apportionment ballot. However, unlike Division 3, other divisions have too few members to realistically have a chance of moving beyond one representative. Tom suggested that the members of these other divisions might want to assign all of their votes to Division 3 in order to increase the voices for science on APA Council. This idea was discussed by members of the committee and mechanisms for identifying members belonging to more than one division were suggested.

Manny Donchin reported on the attempt of APA to initiate a policy of charging authors a $2,500 fee for publication of an article supported by NIH funds. This policy was in response to requirement that publications resulting from NIH grant support be available on-line through PubMed. Publication on PubMed would infringe APA’s copyright. The policy of charging $2,500 per article was withdrawn for now. Manny noted that copyright is an issue between APA and NIH; this matter should not have affected individual authors in the way that the hastily drafted policy would have done. Manny also noted that there is an ongoing strategic planning exercise at APA which will be with us for a while. Mission and vision statements are being drafted.

The task force on IRBs presented a very brief summary of their report to be received at APA Council. There was some concern about the brevity of the report on so complex an issue. Manny anticipates that this matter may be discussed again at next Council meeting.

Manny also noted that APA Council did not support a motion to increase the monetary value of all distinguished scientist awards by allocating an additional $35,000. Nora Newcombe noted that the value of the awards has not been increased for many years. She personally put in a great deal of effort to get this proposed increase passed by all APA Boards. Only the Board of Directors, and subsequently the Council of Representatives, failed to approve the increase.

  1. Convention Program Chair’s Report

Jeremy Wolfe noted that Division 3 had 14 hours of substantive programming and 7 hours of nonsubstantive programming. A number of New Investigators and Fellows gave talks this year along with symposia featuring scientists working in nearby institutions. All of the talks were by invitation and the posters were by submission. It was recommended that next year the poster session should occur prior to scheduling of the Business meeting, so that the graduate student poster awards could be presented at the meeting.

6.     Visit from the APA Science Directorate

Steven Breckler, Executive Director for Science, Sangy Panicker Director, Research Ethics Office, and Howard Kurtzman, Deputy Director for Science, joined the meeting. Nora asked Steve about Council’s failure to approve the $35,000 increase in distinguished contribution awards. Steve noted that Manny did a great job in Council of arguing in favour of the increase. However, Steve suggested that some council representatives may not have understood that this was an increase for all awards, not just for science awards. Steve recommended renewed effort to pursue this increase with broader support in the future.  

In response to the issue of APA’s attempted policy to institute charges for publishing papers supported by NIH funds, Steve noted that the policy was badly worded and too hastily announced without sufficient consultation. He confirmed that it has been withdrawn and has damaged APA’s reputation. Steve also noted that the economics of publishing in a digital environment has also raised a host of complex issues which have yet to be fully comprehended. There was considerable discussion of this issue by many members of the executive committee.

Ed asked Howard about federal budgets and NIH/NSF funding. Howard noted that he is plugging away and doing as much as he can in the current environment. He noted that this has been a hostile era for science at NIH and NSF. He hopes that in the coming year with potentially new appointments at NIH and NSF the room for influence will increase. 

  1. APA Presidential Election

The Executive Committee decided not to endorse any candidates for this year’s APA Presidential Election. Instead, the Executive Committee will invite this year’s candidates to write a brief statement on how their election as President would benefit Division 3. These statements will be distributed to the membership via email.

  1. Newsletter Editor’s Report

We continue to put out two newsletters per year: roughly September and March issues. The electronic format that Randy Engle asked us to initiate starting in 2004 has worked well in many respects (e.g., no cost, no word limits for contributors). One problem we have continually faced is the difficulty in keeping up with members’ e-mail addresses. We have had several conversations with APA about this problem, but it always comes back to APA wanting to charge us with no real improvement over our current system of the secretary informing us of member changes which he has received. We encourage the Division 3 leadership to band together with other division leaders to convince APA to track down e-mail addresses as efficiently as they do snailmail addresses for renewal notices.

Mark has the announce-only listserve for Division 3 up and running. This has been a useful way to get important information to members between newsletter issues.

Finally, we would like to thank Angelo Santi for his excellent help as secretary. His efficient updates about new members and timely answers to our various queries have been very helpful to us.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristi S. Multhaup, APA Division 3 newsletter co-editor Mark E. Faust, APA Division 3 webmaster, newsletter co-editor, & listmaster

  1. Graduate Student Representative’s Report

Dan Brooks provided a brief update on student affiliates of Division 3 and indicated that he would be working with Angela AuBuchon in the coming year.

  1.  Fellows Chair’s Report

      This year, Division 3 put forward five nominees for electing to Fellow status.

Moshe Bar, Harvard Medical School, visual neuroscience

Jason L. Hicks, Louisiana State University, memory, especially prospective memory

Darcia Narvaez, University Notre Dame, development of moral reasoning

Charles Nelson, Harvard University, developmental neuroscience

John Palmer, University of Washington, visual attention

All three were approved by the central Fellows Committee and will be put forward to the Board of Directors and Council of Representatives Meeting this week (August 17th) for final approval.

In addition, two individuals who are already Fellows in other Divisions have been invited and have accepted to become Division 3 Fellows. They are:

Michael Beran, Georgia State University (previous Fellow in Div 6), numerical cognition in nonhuman primates

Marigold Linton, University of Kansas, Human Memory and Learning (previous Fellow in Division 1) 

Finally, a third invitation to an existing Fellow has extended, but she has not yet accepted. This is presumably due to communication failures. Cathleen Moore is following up on it. That individual is Camilla Benbow of Peabody College/Vanderbilt University. She is a Developmental Psychologist doing work on mathematical reasoning and giftedness and is currently a Fellow in both Divisions 01 and 15.

Cathleen Moore will notify all of these individuals, assuming final acceptance, of their Fellow status in Division 3 following this meeting. She will also inform the central APA Fellows office of the addition of the existing Fellows to the Division 3 Fellow List.

Michael Young will oversee the Fellow nomination and application process in 2009.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathleen Moore, Division 3 Fellow’s Chair 2008.

  1.  Division 3 Representative to the APA Public Interest Directorate Representative Network

Prior to deciding on whether to appoint a Division 3 representative, the Secretary-Treasurer will contact the Director of the Public Interest Directorate to determine what costs might be associated with this appointment.

  1.  Dr. Bray’s Memo

APA President-elect, James Bray, has asked Divisions to participate in the “Convention Within the Convention” proposal by donating some of their program hours. Tom Zentall reported that Division 25 was going to be donating 2 hours specifically for topics of interest to that Division. Jeremy noted that currently Division 3 only has 14 hours of substantive programming. After some discussion it was decided that Division 3 will donate 1 hour of programming to the “Convention Within the Convention.”

  1. The Executive Committee meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Angelo Santi

Secretary-Treasurer Division 3