Volume 13, Number 1

March, 2009

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Division Report


2009 APA Program Preview


Emily Elliot

Get ready to make your travel plans for August 6-9th, 2009, in Toronto. The APA convention schedule is filled with great opportunities for high quality presentations. Division 3 has a slate of very interesting speakers, and has worked closely with several other divisions to make sure that the entire conference contains relevant scientific information. In addition, we are participating in the Convention within the Convention, and are happy to feature Dr. John Wixted, who will be presenting his work with ROC analyses.

Other great sessions include talks on aging and the resulting changes in cognition, emotion, and language (including Lynn Hasher, Meredyth Daneman, Dave Balota, Susan Charles, and Gus Craik) and a well-rounded symposium on comparative and developmental cognition (including Jonathon Crystal, Robert Hampton, David Smith, Lauren Adamson, and Simona Ghetti). The presidential address will be delivered by Nelson Cowan, who will discuss the development of working memory and “keeping things in an all-purpose basket”. The list of exciting speakers could continue, as our program is just packed!

Also, we would like to encourage everyone to register early for the convention, so that we can try to get as many Division 3 members in the same hotel as possible. This will greatly facilitate participation in Division 3 programming, and will place you even closer to fun events, like Divisions’ 3 and 6 joint social hour! APA has published the convention website, which contains more details (www.apa.org/convention09). Registration for the conference and for the hotels will open on April 15th. If we all try to register for the Intercontinental Toronto Centre Hotel, that will place us closest to the convention center.

Finally, you can look forward to lots of collegial interactions with other researchers. New Fellows Jason Hicks, Darcia Narvaez, and Charles Nelson will be giving presentations on their research on false memories, moral development, and the effects of early experience on brain development, respectively. You won’t want to miss the New Investigator Award Winners from 2008 either: Timothy Flemming, David Landy, Michael Proulx, Justin Wood, and Tiffany Jastrzembski. We are looking forward to a stimulating conference, and hope to see lots of Division 3 members. Get your passport ready, and I’ll see you in Toronto!


Emily Elliott

2009 Program Chair, Division 3