Volume 13, Number 2

September, 2009

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Division Representatives



Ralph Miller

SUNY Binghamton



Jeremy Wolfe

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Harvard Medical School


Past President

Nelson Cowan

University of Missouri



Veronica Dark

Iowa State


Members-At-Large of the

Executive Committee

Bob Cook (09-12)

Tufts University


Nancy Dess (09-12)

Occidental College


David Washburn (08-11)

Georgia State


Jeremy Wolfe (08-11)

Harvard University


Mark Bouton (07-10)

University of Vermont


Nora Newcombe (07-10)

Temple University


Graduate Student Representative

Angela AuBuchon

U. Missouri


Representative to APA Council

Randy Engle (10-12)

Georgia Tech


Emanuel Donchin (08-10)

University of South Florida


Committee Chairs

Janet Duchek (Awards)

Wash. U., St. Louis


Lisa Savage (Fellows)

SUNY Binghamtom


John Wixted (Program)




Charles L. Brewer

Furman University


Early Career Psychologist

Network Representative

Jessie Peissig

California State U. at Fullerton




Division 3 Business Meeting Minutes


Veronica Dark

Division 3 Secretary-Treasurer



Minutes of the Division 3 Business Meeting Saturday, August 8, 2009

6:00 PM - 6:50 PM Intercontinental Toronto Centre Hotel, Oakville Room, Toronto, ON


  1. President Nelson Cowan called the meeting to order at 6 pm.  He noted that his operating philosophy during the year was that Division 3's role at the APA Convention is to disseminate Experimental Psychology to the rest of Psychology.


  1. The election results and appointments of new committee members were reported (as recorded in the Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting).


  1. The Secretary-Treasurer’s Report was distributed and discussed. (See Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting for full report).


  1. President Cowan presented a summary of items from the meeting of the Executive Board.

    1. New innovation at this meeting is CE credit for four sessions. 

    2. Division 3 Dues for 2009 raised to $17.

    3. Division 3 has a facebook page created by Angela Aubuchon (student rep).

    4. Division 3 is contributing $100 to the Psychonomic Society 50th Anniversary Celebration.

    5. Kristi Multhaup & Mark Faust, current newsletter editor and webmaster have completed 6 years of service and are stepping down after the September issue.  A solicitation for replacements will be part of that issue.

    6. Bylaws changes to allow electronic voting were approved by the Executive Committee and will be submitted to members.


  1. President Cowan called for comments/new business items from the floor.  There were none.


  1. President Cowan announced the New Investigator Awards.  Three recipients were present to receive their awards.  They were asked to briefly describe the nature of their research:

    1. Raj M. Ratwani, JEP:Applied

    2. Stephen Cooper, JEP:Human Perception and Performance

    3. Nash Unsworth, JEP: Learning, Memory, & Cognition


The awards will be mailed to those not present:

    1. Daniel Wheeler, JEP: Animal Behavior Processes

    2. Gary Lupyan, JEP: General


  1. President Cowan announced the winners of the Graduate Student Poster Competition.  Karl Healy, the 1st place winner, was present to receive his plaque.  Mitchel Meltzer, the 2nd place winner, received his plaque prior to heading to the airport.

    1. 1st place, Direct Evidence for the Role of Inhibition in Resolving Interference, Karl Healy, Karen Campbell, Lynn Hasher, & Lynn Ossher, University of Toronto.  Award includes $100.

    2. 2nd place, Memory for Emotion Words in Alexithymia, Mitchel Meltzer & Kristy Nielson, Marquette University. 


  1. President Cowan turned over the meeting to new President Ralph Miller.  New President Miller recognized new Past-President Cowan's service to the Division with a plaque.


9.  Before adjourning the meeting, new President Miller made a few comments on membership and the role of Division 3.  He will ask to Executive Committee to consider whether membership in the Division would be more attractive if the Division's name were changed.  He also will ask the Executive Committee to consider whether non-APA members might become members of the Division.  The Division needs to have a strong voice in APA to prevent its changing from a professional society to a practitioners' guild.  Division 3, among other science divisions, is what gives APA credibility.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 and those in attendance moved across the hall to the social hour.


Respectfully submitted,


Veronica J. Dark