Greetings from your New Webmaster

Anne Cleary, Colorado State University,




This past fall, Mark Faust handed over the Division 3 website and listserv to me as I took over as the new webmaster (& listserv master). Mark Faust had served as the Division 3 webmaster & listserv master for 6 years.


I am open to ideas and suggestions for improving the website and use of the listserv, as well as for facilitating interactive discussions of issues that are important to Division 3, as not all members subscribe to the listserv* or want to receive email from the Division. This month, we are trying out a yahoo discussion group as a mechanism for members to post and reply to comments in a public forum. We’re specifically trying it out with the issue of the proposed Division 3 name change:, about which a postcard recently went out to all Division 3 members. Anyone can post a comment or a reply on the yahoo discussion group, even members who do not subscribe to the listserv.



*If you are not a subscriber to the Division 3 listserv and would like to subscribe, send an email to Be sure to leave the subject line blank and type “subscribe div3” in the body of the message. To send a message through the listserv (once subscribed), simply send an email to