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From the Division 33 Constitution.. 3

Elected Officers - Duties and Roles. 4

President-Elect-Designate. 4

President-Elect 4

President 5

1st Year Past President 6

2nd Year Past President 6

3rd Year Past President 7

Secretary/Treasurer 7

Members at Large. 7

APA Council Representative. 7

Executive Council 7

Standing Committees - Membership and Roles. 8

Awards Committee. 8

Constitution Committee. 8

Fellows Committee. 8

Finance Committee. 9

Legislation and Public Affairs Committee. Error! Bookmark not defined.

Membership Committee. 9

Nominations and Elections Committee. 9

Publications Committee. 9

Specific Activities. 10

Newsletter 10

Website. 10

Award Certificates/Plaques. 10

Financial Support, Stipends and Honoraria. 10

Award Stipends. 10

APA Conference Registration. 10

Invited Speakers. 11

Council Representatives. 11

APA Leadership Conference. 11

Other Reimbursements. 11

APA Conference Catering. 11

Important People To Know.. 11

Current Division 33 Officers and Committee Chairs. 13

Executive Council, 2008-09. 13

Standing Committee (Chairs), 2008-09. 13



From the Division 33 Constitution


Article III - Officers


SEC. 1The officers of the Division shall be a President, a President-Elect, a President-Elect-Designate, a Secretary-Treasurer, a Representative(s) to APA, and two Members-at-Large.There shall be an Executive Council consisting of the above officers, the immediate Past-President, the Chairpersons of all Standing Committees, the Editor of the Division newsletter, and two Student Representatives.The term of the Office of the President, the President-Elect, and the President-Elect-Designate shall be one year, and run from the close of the annual meeting to the close of the next annual meeting.The term of the Secretary-Treasurer and the Representatives to the APA shall be three years.The term of the Office of the Members-at-Large shall be two years.All elected officers shall take office at the close of the annual meeting following their election and shall serve until replaced by new duly elected officers.


SEC. 2The President shall be a Fellow or Member of Division who has just completed a term as President-Elect.The President shall perform such duties as are customary to the office and shall, in addition, have over-all responsibility for the Division function and contribution to the annual meeting of the APA.


SEC. 3The President-Elect shall be a Fellow or Member of the Division who has just completed a term as President-Elect-Designate and shall assist the President and serve as Chairperson of the Program Committee.


SEC. 4The President-Elect-Designate shall be a Fellow or Member of the Division and shall assist the President-Elect and serve on the Program Committee.


SEC. 5In the event that the President-Elect-Designate or the President-Elect is unable to assume office the following year, another Fellow or Member will be elected.

SEC. 6The immediate Past-President shall serve as Chairperson of the Nominations and Elections Committee.


SEC. 7The Representative(s) to the APA must be a Member or a Fellow of the APA and just have served on the Division 33 Executive Council.The Representative(s), along with the President, shall represent the Division in all matters before the APA.The Representative(s) shall be a member of the APA Council of Representatives if the Division is allocated a seat(s) under the APA balloting procedure.


SEC. 8The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep the records of the Division, conduct the official correspondence and have custody of all funds of the Division.The Secretary-Treasurer shall have all authority to sign checks on behalf of the Division for the disbursement of funds authorized in the budget. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep a full record of all money received and all money disbursed, and shall report thereon at the annual meeting of the Division and shall at all reasonable times exhibit the Division books of accounts to the Finance Committee and to any member of the Division.


SEC. 9The Executive Council shall perform those duties usually delegated to this body, such as planning programs, approving committee work, setting budgets and determining general policies.


Elected Officers - Duties and Roles


1.    Primary role: Become familiar with the activities of the Division and participate in ††decision making.

2.    Attend Division 33 Executive Council meeting

3.    Assist President-elect to plan program for the next APA meeting

4.    Attend Division 33 papers, posters presentations and Social hour. (Youíll want to learn and get a feel for future responsibilities)



1.    Attends all meetings of the Executive Council.

2.    Functions essentially in a second-year internship capacity in preparation for assuming the ensuing yearís presidency.

3.    Confers with President and Past President, concerning nominations and elections (Elections Committee).Makes recommendations of potential candidates.

4.    Confers with President, Past President, and Treasurer concerning the financial affairs of the Society/Division (Finance Committee).

5.    Solicits plans of action and helps President prepare the agenda for the August (APA) Executive Council meeting. Coordinates and Conducts the Orientation meeting including risk management information, at Convention for incoming Officers, new Committee and Section Chairs.

6.    Participates in conference calls with the Presidential Trio (President and Past President) and Finance Committee (Presidential Trio and the Treasurer) on a regular basis at the Presidentís discretion.

7.    Attend APA division leadership meeting in Washington in January-February.

8.    Revises the Handbook and updates the names of division officers and committee chairs.


Program Chair Time Table For Each Yearís APA


      Select program co-chair-help

      recruit papers for upcoming APA meeting (APA sends out very long but very helpful instructions as to how to handle proposals and all the details of the process and you are given your password and user name to the web site where everything happens.)


      Recruit symposia and invited speakers (usually 1-3 invited speakers)


      Contact Doll Award Selection Committee to begin process.

      All proposed presentations must be received by program chairs.


      Notify presenters as to their acceptance

      Submit program to APA online

      Choose two student presentations for the awards. Students must be the main presenters, or a paper (preferred) or a poster.


      Notify all presenters of audiovisual situation (whatís available, how to obtain, etc.) APA will notify you when they know the availability. Itís likely that presenters will need to bring their own computers.

      Prepare Program announcement and discussion of APA convention for the Division 33 Newsletter.


      Order plaques for Doll Award, Jacobson Award (if given), Early Career Award Address (if given) and President.Ask recipients how they want their names on the plaques (APA will do this, see Troy Booker or ask Sarah Jordan).

      Order student awards certificates (get samples from last yearís Program Chair).††


      Order catering for Social Hour and if necessary, Executive Council meeting.

      Notify APA about incoming president elect (youíll be sent a form from APA)



1.    Plans and presides over the Executive Council meeting (including the mid-year meeting, if held), and the Annual Business meeting.

2.    Appoints the chairs and members of the various Standing Committees and Special Task Groups.

3.    Coordinates the work of the various Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committees.

4.    Approves an annual budget prepared by the Treasurer for submission to the Council.

5.    Prepares an Annual Divisional Report for submission to APA Central Office (January).

6.    Prepares a Presidentís column for each issue of the Div. 33 Newsletter (3 per year).

7.    Represents the views of the Division to other Divisions and to APA Central office.

8.    Consults with the Division Representatives to the APA Council of Representatives about issues relevant to the interests of the Division.

9.    Nominates Division members to serve on Committees and Task Forces of APA and other professional organizations and to attend conferences and meetings on behalf of the Division 33.

10. Prepares a Presidential Address for presentation during APA; converts address to manuscript for publication in the Division 33 Newsletter.

11. Works with Newsletter editor to develop publication schedule.

12. Solicits reports and prepares agenda for Executive Council and annual Business meetings.

13. Signs notification letters to Awards recipients and Fellow nominees.

14. Maintains an updated roster and email addresses of the members of the Executive Council, Advisory Councils, Standing Committees, Editor, Special Task Groups, and Special Interest Group Chairs.

15. Maintain the Division Operations Handbook

16. May delegate to the Secretary or other administrative services (such as APA Division Services Office) certain mailing responsibilities, such as the apportionment ballot and Presidentís Reception invitations.

17. Coordinates and administers contract for administrative support with Division Services Office, APA.

18. Conducts conference calls with the Presidential Trio (President Elect and Past President) and Finance Committee (Presidential Trio and the Treasurer) on a regular basis as the Presidentís discretion, as needed.

19. Responds to correspondence (from members and others) on behalf of the Division.


1st Year Past President

  1. Attends Executive Council Meetings.
  2. Chairs Elections Committee: coordinates nominations and elections of Division 33 Officers.
  3. Serves on the Awards Committee.


Election Procedures:

a.        During December and January the 1stYear Past President consults with the elections committee and determine who will be asked to run and contacts the potential nominees

b.        1stYear Past President compiles the nominations received and then confers with the President and President-Elect to construct the ballot, including alternatives should anyone on the proposed slate decline the nomination.

c.        The Nominations Ballot as approved and sent to the Division 33 Newsletter Editor in time to appear in the Newsletter.

d.        As soon as possible, preferably by mid-January, the 1st -year Past President telephones all those on the proposed slates to obtain their consent to run. They are asked to confirm their acceptance in writing and to prepare a statement for APA and (perhaps) the Newsletter.

e.        Election ballot is sent to the Governance Office at APA by the announced deadline (usually mid February)

f.         Election ballot is announced at the Midyear Meeting of the Executive Council.

g.        The 1stYear Past President notifies the nominator for each candidate informing†††††††††††† him/her of the outcome of their nomination.

h.        Ballot is returned to 1st -year Past President by APA for proofing in April.

i.          APA mails ballot in May. Typically, polls close the end of May or the first week††††††††††††††† in June.

j.          Nominees are notified of election outcome by Past President as soon as results are received.


2nd Year Past President

  1. Serves on the Awards Committee
  2. Serves on the Executive Council and advises the President on questions that he/she has.


3rd Year Past President

Chairs Awards Committee



1.    Maintains minutes and other records of the Society/Division meetings

2.    Issues all official calls to meetings

3.    Conduct special mail ballots as may be ordered by the membership or the Executive Council

4.    Maintains relations with the Central Office of the APA

5.    Communicates with the public on matters involving the Society/Division

6.    Performs such special duties as may be assigned by the President or the Executive Council.

7.    Chairs the Finance Committee

8.    Has custody of all Society/Division Funds,

9.    Collects or verifies the collection of dues and assessments

10. Authorizes disbursements and make payments in accordance with the budget and the rules set forth by the Executive Council

11. Prepares an annual report and such interim reports as may be ordered

12. With Finance Committee prepares an annual budget for adoption by the Executive Council.The Executive Council shall determine which of the fiscal functions of the Treasurer shall be delegated in whole or in part to the APA Central Office.


Members at Large

Two Members at Large on the Executive Council attend all EC meetings and participate in decision making.They may take on additional Division responsibilities if requested to do so by the President.


APA Council Representative

The term of the APA Council Representative is not indicated in the Division 33 Constitution; however, the American Psychological Association's regulations specify a three-year term with one renewal. (After a one-year hiatus the individual is eligible for re-election.) The APA Council Representative will attend relevant Council meeting, representing the Divisionís interests.


Executive Council

There shall be an Executive Council consisting of the


-   President

-   President-Elect

-   President-Elect-Designate

-   Secretary-Treasurer

-   Representative(s) to APA

-   Members-at-Large

-   Immediate Past-President

-   Past-Past President

-   Past-Past-Past President

-   Chairpersons of all Standing Committees

-   Editor of the Division newsletter, and

-   Student Representatives.


Standing Committees - Membership and Roles

Chairpersons of Standing Committees and the Editor of the Newsletter shall serve for a term of three years and may be reappointed for one additional term.


Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is comprised of the three most recent past-presidents: the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year Past-President, with the 3rd year Past-President serving as Chair.


The Awards Committee has responsibility for choosing the

      Doll Award recipient (annual)

      Jacobson Award recipient (bi-annual)

      Early Career Award Address (bi-annual)



Constitution Committee

Composed of a Chairperson appointed by the President, with the consent of the Executive Council and other members deemed necessary and appointed by the Chairperson.


The committee shall draft needed revisions to be presented to the Executive Council, and to the membership of the Division.


Fellows Committee

Composed of a Chairperson and four other members all chosen by the President with the consent of the Executive Council. All members of the Fellows Committee shall be Fellows of the Division.


The Committee shall review all applications for Fellowship in accordance with the provisions of Article II, Sections 8 and 9 of these Bylaws.


Finance Committee

Composed of the Secretary-Treasurer as Ex-Officio member, who also serves as Chair, and additional members appointed by the President with consent of the Executive Council.


The committee shall present an annual budget, review the income and expenses of the Division, and make recommendations for the acquisition and management of the Division funds.


Membership Committee

Comprised of the Chair chosen by the President with the consent of the Executive Council and other members as deemed necessary and appointed by the Membership Chairperson.


The Committee shall review all membership applications as provided in Article II of the By-Laws.


Nominations and Elections Committee

Composed of the immediate Past-President (Chair), the Membership Chairperson, and two other members chosen by the President with the consent of the Executive council.


The committee shall develop a slate of nominees providing two or more candidates for each office. The Committee shall distribute a nominating ballot to all Fellows, Members and Associates, with spaces for writing in names for the office of the President-Elect-Designate, Member-at-Large and any other vacancy to be filled by election that year.The elections shall be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the APA.


Publications Committee

Composed of a Chairperson and an Editor of the Division Newsletter to be chosen by the President with the consent of the Executive Council. The Division Newsletter shall be the major news organ of the Division although the Executive Council may authorize other publications as are deemed necessary.††††††


Specific Activities


      The Newsletter is published three times a year (Fall or Winter; Spring; Summer)

      The Newsletter publishes articles of interest to the membership on diverse topics that reflect Division 33 interests, SIGS, and Ad Hoc Committees.

      Copies of the newsletter are mailed to all active members.All Newsletter issues also are posted on the Division 33 web-site.

      Each issue contains a ďMessage from the President.Ē The newsletter editor informs the President when these are due.

      Fall/Winter issue reports on the previous summerís Convention activities.

      Spring issue includes Division 33 APA Convention program.

      Annual division report due to central office February 1st.



The Div. 33 Website will be maintained and updated by a webmaster. The webmaster is appointed by the President


Award Certificates/Plaques

These should be ordered by the Program Chair from Troy Booker (APA).They should be ordered by May (especially the glass plaques).


Doll Award


Glass plaque

Awards Committee, by January

Jacobson Award


Glass plaque

Awards Committee, by January

Early Career Award


Glass plaque

Awards Committee, by January

Student Awards (2)


Glass plaque

Program Chair, by May

President Award


Glass plaque

Program Chair, by May


Financial Support, Stipends and Honoraria

Award Stipends

The Division provides award stipends as follows:

      Doll Award:†† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† $1,000

      Jacobson Award:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $1,000

      Early Career Award††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $1,000

      Student Research Awards (2)††† ††††††††† ††$500 each


APA Conference Registration

The Division receives 3 Registrations to the APA Convention free from APA.These have typically been allocated to:

      President-Elect (Program Chair)


      An invited speaker (Alternative suggestion: Co-Program Chair)

Invited Speakers

The Division allocates expense reimbursements up to $500 for 1-3 additional invited speakers at the annual convention.

Council Representatives

The Division reimburses expenses for the APA Council Representative to attend the Council meeting.

APA Leadership Conference

The Division reimburses travel expenses for the President-Elect to attend the Mid-Winter APA Leadership Conference in Washington, DC.Hotel is covered by APA.

Other Reimbursements

The Division reimburses officers or other members, at the Presidentís discretion, to attend meetings that are important to division interests.Examples have included: Representation at the APA Practice Committee; representation to a conference on the death penalty by a member of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Mental Retardation and the Death Penalty.

APA Conference Catering

The Division covers expenses for refreshments (and room rental if needed) for:

      The Executive Council meeting at APA

      The Social Hour at APA

      An Executive Council mid-year meeting, if held (e.g. at Gatlinburg).


Important People To Know

††††††††††† Sarah Jordan

APA Division Services Office

American Psychological Association

750 First Street, NE

Washington, DC 20002-4242

(202) 336-6022

FAX: (202) 218-3599




Troy O. Booker

APA Division Services Officer

Division Services

750 First Street Northeast

Washington, D.C. 20002-4242

Phone: 1-202-336-5500 or 374-2721

Direct 1-202-336-6121

Fax 1-202-218-3599



Division 33 Newsletter Editor

William E. MacLean, Jr., Ph.D.

University of Wyoming
Department of Psychology
Dept. 3415
1000 E. University Ave.

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: 307-766-2944


Current Division 33 Officers and Committee Chairs


Executive Council, 2008-09


Warren Zigman


President-Elect/Program Chair

Greg Olley


President-Elect Designate

Len J. Abbeduto



Steve Warren


Past-Past President

Johannes Rojahn


Past-Past-Past President

Bruce Baker



Robert Hodapp (2006-09)


Members at Large

Anna Esbensen (2007-2010)

Erica Kovacs (2007-2009)



Representative to APA Council

Alice Carter†† (2007-2010)


Newsletter Editor

William E. MacLean, Jr.


Student Representative to EC

Cameron Neece


Student Representative to EC

Leah Wildenger


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††

Standing Committee (Chairs), 2008-09

Constitution and By Laws

Stanley E. Lunde



Bruce Baker



Laraine Glidden



Laura Lee McIntyre


Nominations & Elections

Steve Warren



William E. MacLean, Jr.



Greg Olley

Ex officio


Bob Hodapp

Ex officio


Ad Hoc Committee (Chairs), 2008-09

Mental Retardation and the Death Penalty

Greg Olley


Practice Directorate Federal Advocacy Coordinator

Jim Mulick