1. Facility Name: Oklahoma Health Consortium

2. Address: 1000 N.E. 10th, Room 50
                Oklahoma City, OK 731

3. Phone: 405-271-4477 4. FAX: 405-271-1011
5. APA-Accredited: Yes 6. Application Deadline: Nov.
7. Program Start Date: August 31 8. Program End Date: August 30

9.Training Director: Thomas. J. Vaughn, Ph.D.

10. Setting:

Private General Hospital VA  Medical Center
Medical School HMO
State/County/City Hospital


Other: Consortium
11. Number of health psychologist supervisors: 28

12. Maximum amount of health psychology training offered:

Specialty Track X Major Rotation
Minor Rotation
13. Health psychology research: Required


Optional Not available

14. Percent time spent with different age populations in health psychology:

25 Child 25 Adolescent 50 Adult Elderly

15. Areas in which health psychology training is provided:

Assessment Consultation Program Mgt.
Treatment/Intervention Wellness/Prevention Research


Other: Neuropsychology

16. Populations served by health psychology interns:

X Medical Outpatients X Psychiatric Outpatients
X Medical Inpatients X Psychiatric Inpatients
X Large Community Groups X Couples/Families

17. Most common diagnoses/medical units of patients served:

Oncology Organ Transplant X Surgery
X Rehabilitation X Sleep Disorders X ICU
Diabetes X Stress Management X Emergency Room
X Neurological X Sexual Dysfunction X Hypertension
Cardiac GI Disorders X Headache
X Chronic Pain COPD/Asthma X Obstetrics/Gyne.
X Obesity Renal/Hemodialysis Primary Care Teams
X Smoking Arthritis

18. Primary orientation(s):

X Cognitive-Behavioral Interpersonal X Psychodynamic Eclectic
19. Number of internship slots with a primary health psychology focus: 7
20. Number of internship slots total: 7
21. Current Stipend: $14,000

22. Types of programs from which interns are selected:

X Clinical, APA-accredited X Counseling, APA-accredited
Clinical, Non-accredited Counseling, Non-accredited
23. Internet Home Page Address:
24. E-mail address:

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