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Recently Elected Executive Committee Members

Rebecca L. Toporek, At-Large Representative

I feel honored to be able to join you on the Division 45 Executive Committee as
an At Large Representative. I look forward to working with all of you and hope
to receive great mentoring to best serve the Division. As many of you know, I am
an Asst. Professor at San Francisco State University and will be in my fourth
year in the fall. I have been working mostly in multicultural training and
competencies, social justice and advocacy as well as career counseling. I look
forward to serving the Division and contributing to the great things the
leadership has already begun. I look forward to seeing you all in August!

Division 45 Committees, Task Forces, and Work Groups  

Listing of Chairs and Members for 2006–2007

 I. Standing Committees

Executive Committee

Charge: To handle the Division's business complying with the Bylaws and Manual of Policies/Procedures. To implement, monitor, and update the Division's 5-year strategic plan, to draft reports to present at EC meetings, and to communicate to the membership through brief articles in the FOCUS on priority initiatives.

Beth Boyd, President (2008)
J. Manuel (Manny) Casas, President-Elect (2007–2008)
Frederick Leong, Past President (2007–2008)
Tamara Brown, Secretary (2008)
Alfiee M. Breland-Noble, Treasurer (2007–2010)

Cheryl Talley, Member-at-Large (2008–2011)
Joseph Horvat, Member-at-Large (2008)
Gisela Lin, Member-at-Large (2008)
Y. Evie Garcia, Member-at-Large (2006–2009)
Rebecca L. Toporek, Member-at-Large (2006–2009)

Gordon C. Nagayama Hall, Journal Editor (2004–2009 [Non-voting Member])
William Parham, Council Representative (2010)
Martha E. Banks, Council Representative (2008)
Ignacio David Acevedo-Polakovich, Student Representative (2007)
Arpana "Annie" Gupta, Student Representative (2008)

Editorial Committee

Charge: To handle the Division’s publication, CDEMP, via solicitation of manuscripts, coordination of reviewers for submitted manuscripts, identification of special series issues for the journal, and the creation of a special edition of the journal that serves as an historical marker of the first 20 years of the Division.

Gordon C. Nagayama Hall, CDEMP Editor/Chair
Madonna G. Constantine
Gayle Y. Iwamasa
Norweeta G. Millburn
Sumie Okazaki
Pamela Trotman Reid
Michael Zarate
Maria Cecilia Zea

Bryan Kim, Newsletter Editor 2007–2008

Membership Committee

Charge: To develop an overall membership recruitment drive and marketing strategy for Division 45 that will increase membership by at least 10% and broaden the disciplines represented in the Division, and to conduct an electronic membership survey that assesses the needs, interests, and concerns of the membership in order to help promote membership satisfaction within the Division

Brian L. Ragsdale, Chair 2006–2008
Alvin Alvarez
Crystal Blount, Student Representative
Alfiee Breland-Noble
Christine Iijima Hall
Joseph Horvat 08
Shamin Jaffer
Romana Norton
Fayth Parks
Alberta Springer, Student Representative

Fellows Committee

Charge: To grow the number of Fellows during our 20th Anniversary year as a Division by identifying worthy nominees for this recognition (we aspire to identify 20 worthy individuals for Fellow status in recognition of our 20th Anniversary) and to develop a special 20th Anniversary Fellows certificate to award to all new and current Fellows

Maria Cecilia Zea, Chair 07–09
Madonna Constantine
Paul Lueng
Hector Myers
Diane Scott-Jones
Reiko H. True

Nominations and Awards Committee

Charge: To identify individuals (through a more open call for nominations) who are willing to serve as future officers and who reflect the diversity of the membership, and to identify those members worthy of award recognitions by the Division

A. Toy Caldwell-Colbert, Chair 2006–2007
Laura Brown (coordinates APA Board/Committees nominations)
Erica Chu, Student Representative
Stacy Coates, Student Representative
Rita Dudley-Grant
Nolan Penn
Lisa Porche-Burke
John Moritsugu
JoAnn Rivas, Student Representative
Dominicus So
Dick Suinn

2007 Program Committee

Charge: To plan the Div. 45 convention program

Pamela Deters, Co-Chair (2008)
John Gonzalez Jr., Co-Chair (2008)
Melanie Domenich Rodriguez (2009)
Y. Evie Garcia (programming- Hospitality Suite)
Cheryl Boyce
Laura Brown (coordinates Dance with Div 35)
E J David, Student Representative
Sandra Lewis
Norweeta Milburn
Beverly Vandiver
Marva Robinson, Student Representative
Azara Santiago-Rivera
Anne Saw, Student Representative

Publications and Communications Committee

Charge: To work with the membership in identifying high quality previously published books on ethnic minorities/diversity that are out of print, but still in demand where copyrights can be signed over to APA publications, who will in turn digitize the books for availability to psychologists and other interested parties. To facilitate keeping the Division website up-to-date by collecting and sending new information to APA Divisional Services and monitoring that the updates are made. T o facilitate and enhance the dissemination of relevant materials through existing avenues (e.g., newsletter), and to explore new avenues for dissemination (e.g., e-journal, monographs, position papers of color, etc.) issues related to ethnic minorities.

A. Kathleen Burlew, Chair
Gordon C. Nagayama Hall, CDEMP Editor
Mia Smith Bynum
Frederick Leong
Bryan S. K. Kim, FOCUS Newsletter Editor
William Masten, Website Coordinator

II.Ad Hoc Committees and Special Task Forces

Finance Committee

Charge: To work on financial operations to build the financial infrastructure of Division 45 by, in conjunction with the Treasurer, reviewing the proposed annual budget and helping align it with the Division’s strategic plan for presentation to the membership, drafting fiduciary policies and procedures, creating forms for budget expenditures and reimbursements, and identifying and pursuing strategies and avenues for increasing revenues to the Division through various fund development activities

Asuncion Miteria Austria , Chair
William M Liu
Laura Brown
Allen Carter
Alfiee M. Breland-Noble, Treasurer (2008–2010)
J. Doug McDonald, Treasurer (2005–2007)
Daniel Noam Warner, Student Representative
Lisa Porche-Burke
Karen Wyche

Multicultural Guidelines Casebook Taskforce

Charge: To work with other Divisions in the development of the multicultural guidelines casebook, to review and comment on cases drafted to determine needed changes or additions in relation to the guidelines, and to (in some instances) draft a case based on your familiarity with the multicultural guidelines

Lillian Comas-Diaz, Co-editor
Patricia Arrendando
Lula Betty
Angela Ferguson
Sharon Ray Jenkins
Mia Khera, Student Representative
Amy La, Student Representative
Jeffrey Mio
Guerda Nicolas
Margaret Spencer
Joseph Trimble
Lisa Whitten

2007 National Multicultural Conference and Summit Planning Committee

Charge: To assist the Division 45 Representative (William Liu) with the task of planning the National Multicultural Conference and Summit

Lisa Y. Flores, 2009 NMCS Representative 2006–2009
Lisa Y. Flores, 2011 NMCS Representative
LeOndra Clark, Student Representative
Nabil H. El-Ghoroury
Anika Fields
Michi Fu
Joseph Horvat, Jr.
Sharon Ray Jenkins
Shamin Jaffer
Billy Johnson, Student Representative
Gisela Lin
Kuma Shorter-Gooden

Bylaws and Manual of Policies/Procedures Committee

Charge: To review and prepare recommendations for revisions to the Division’s bylaws, to help keep them up-to-date, and to work on the development of a comprehensive Manual of Division Policies and Procedures

Tamara L. Brown, Chair
Ingacio David Acevedo-Polakovich, Student Representative
Guillermo Bernal
Jean Chin
Michele Cooley-Strickland
A. J. Franklin
Fred Leong
Jeffrey Mio
Maria L. MiVille
Eduardo Morales

Links and Shoulders Program Committee

Charge: T o plan an informative gathering for the culmination of the 20th Anniversary celebration during the 2006 APA convention in New Orleans that will involve participants of Links and Shoulders initiative over the years who can share their lessons learned as well as Division 45 Elders who can pass on words of wisdom

Joseph Horvat, Jr., Chair
Vera Paster, Founder
Patricia Arrendondo
Lisa Arceneaux, Student Representative
Candace Fleming
Shamin Jaffer
Jennifer Kelly
Gisela Lin
Susan Ramirez, Student Representative
Renata Martins, Student Representative

CODAPAR/BSA Evidence-Based Practice Initiative Work Group

Charge: To plan and draft a CODAPAR and BSA proposal and associated budgets that will allow Division 45 to hold, in conjunction with a host university and other collaborating Divisions, a mini-scientific conference that addresses evidence-based practice as it relates to health disparities and service delivery to people of color

Eduardo Morales, Co-Chair
Nolan Zane, Co-Chair
Maryse Aupont, Student Representative
Guillermo Bernal
Alfiee Breland-Noble
Norweeta G. Milburn
Maria Hernandez
Sharon Ray Jenkins
Fred Leong
Eduardo Morales
Natalie Porter
Nolan Zane

Historian Committee

Charge: To wo rk with Martha Banks, the past Historian, for transition of committee members and the new Historian in planning and conducting oral histories during the year at APA or other meetings were Past-Presidents and other Elders are present in order to create a videotape for the 20th Anniversary Social Hour to share during the New Orleans APA convention and Anniversary celebrations of the Division, to work with Fred Leong to prepare two articles in the FOCUS newsletter that capture the first 20 years as a chronicle of the rich history of our Division through reflection on our activities, and to draft narrative (and potentially videotape) for archiving the Division’s traditions and ceremonies for new Fellows to the Division and the induction of the incoming president to the Division.

Wade Pickren, Co-Chair
Martha Banks
Nadia Hasan, Student Representative
Doug McDonald
Lisa Porche-Burke
Carolyn Barcus|
Frederick Leong
Jeffrey Mio
Joseph Trimble

Social Policy and Practice Committee

Charge: To address current social policy and practice issues relevant to the Division , to serve on APA committees and task forces representing the Division to foster avenues for promoting ethnic minority issues in the public arena by functioning as social/public policy advocates through the PI Public Policy Office(i.e., Lori V. Greene). To engage in targeted outreach activities to impact the practice of psychologists and services to ethnic minority populations. This committee will have a subcommittee called the Targeted Outreach Work Group to address the latter part of the charge.

Amado Padilla, Chair
Steven James
Guillermo Bernal
Angelo P. Cole
Edward Delgado-Romero
Roxanne Donovan
Miguel Gallardo
Joanne Ricketts, Student Representative
John Robinson
Norma Poll
Henry Tomes
Beverly Greene
Julie Yaekel-Black Elk, Student Representative

Science Task Force

Charge: To identify multicultural issues in developmental psychology and other areas and on training issues.

Cheryl Talley, Chair
Germine Awaed
Lula Beatty
Felipe Gonzalez Castro
Julie Garfinkle, Student Representative
Reeshma Haji,, Student Representative
Allen Ivey
Norweeta Milburn
Jeffry Mio
Melanie Domenich Rodriguez

Student Representatives Committee

Charge: The enactment of coordinated efforts to identify and advance the agenda of the Division’s student membership.

Arpana "Annie" Gupta, Chair 2006–2007
Joe Horvat, Executive Committee Liaison
Candice Fleming, Chair of Links and Shoulders
All Student Representatives listed as members of committees/task forces

Coordinator of APA Liaisons and Monitors

Charge: To work with APA Boards and Committees in coordinating Division 45 members to serve as liaisons/monitors who will report back to the Division on issues of relevance/that impact ethnic minorities. In some instances the coordinator may be responsible for assuring letters of invitation are extended to the Division to permit a Division member to serve in a liaison role to a board/committee.

Rebecca Toporek, Coordinator
Lloyd Sloan, monitors
Dawn L. Lewis, monitors
Jennifer Kelly, representative to CAPP
Ignacio David Acevedo-Polakovich, (through APAGS’ Division Student Representatives Network)

William G. Masten, Website Coordinator 2006–2008


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