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Call for Fellow Nominations

Congratulations to Linda Castillo, Priscilla Dass-Brailsford and Brian McNeil on their election to Fellow status in Division 45. They will be inducted at APA 2010.

To find out more information about Fellow status in general please see:

For 2010, the Fellows Committee is accepting nominations of Division members as candidates for Fellow status. Fellow status is an honor bestowed to persons who have made an “unusual and outstanding" contribution of performance in the field of Psychology as well as to the aims of the Division. Also, the individual must have at least five or more years of post-doctoral experience. We seek self-nominations and nominations from others. There are two types of Fellows: Initial Fellows, who are not yet Fellows of any other division, and Current Fellows, who have already achieved Fellow status in another division. For Initial Fellow applicants, the nomination/application process is somewhat involved since qualifications are reviewed for fulfillment of both divisional and APA criteria. An informational packet of materials needs to be completed and will be mailed to the candidate from the fellows chair.

This includes the standard APA forms, a self statement on unusual and outstanding contributions to ethnic minority psychology (with reference to the mission of Division 45), a CV, any relevant supporting materials, and three letters of reference from present Fellows of the Division. These materials are reviewed by the Fellow's Committee of the Division and sent on to the Division's Executive Committee. From there, the applications are sent for review and passage to the Membership Committee of the APA, the APA's Board of Directors and, finally, the Council of Representatives of APA. While this seems a lengthy process, the Fellow's Committee is here to help nominees through this application process, please contact the fellows chair.

For Current APA Fellows who are seeking Fellow status in this Division, the process is less involved. The application includes a self-statement highlighting contributions to ethnic minority psychology (with a reference to the mission of Division 45), a copy of the CV, and one letter from a current fellow of Division 45. Multiple letters of endorsement from current Fellows of the division are not required, but letters and other material may be requested by the Fellows committee. This packet is reviewed in the same sequence as Initial Fellows, but since APA Fellow status has already been established, this process is much shorter and ends with a vote from the Executive Committee.

Nominations and supporting materials are due by December 15, 2009, should be directed to:

Edward A. Delgado-Romero, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Counseling and Human Development Services
402 Aderhold Hall,
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602
Phone: 706-542-1812
Fax: 706-542-4130

Electronic submissions are encouraged. Other members of the Fellows'
Committee are: Barry Chung, Gordon Hall, Azara Santiago-Rivera and Richard Suinn.

Division 45 Fellows

Hortensia Amaro

Norman B Anderson

Joseph F Aponte

Patricia Arredondo

Asuncion M Austria

Nancy Baker

Jeff Barnett

Augustine Baron Jr

Lula Beatty

Andrew Benjamin

Guillermo Bernal

Carolyn B Block

Laura S Brown

Lydia Buki

A Toy Caldwell-Colbert

Robert T Carte

Jesus Manuel Casas

Felipe G Castro

Armand R. Cerbone

Jose Cervantes

Alice F Chang

Connie Chan

Shium A Chen

Jean L Chin

Y. Barry Chung

Lillian Comas-Diaz

Madonna G Constantine

Faye J Crosby

Michael J D'Andrea

Jessica H Daniel

Elizabeth Davis-Russell

Victor De La Cancela

Edward A Delgado-Romero

Florence L Denmark

G. Rita Dudley-Grant

Nadya Fouad

Anderson J Franklin

Laurence A French

Angela B Ginorio

Alberta M Gloria

Sandra Graham

Beverly Greene

Christine C Hall

Gordon C Hall

Ruth L Hall

Janet E Helms

Laura M Hines

Stevan E Hobfoll

Bertha G Holliday

George Hong

Cynthia Hudley

Allen E Ivey

Gayle Y Iwamasa

Chizuko Izawa

Adelbert H Jenkins

James M Jones

Phyllis A Katz

Gwendolyn P Keita

Jennifer Kelly

Elizabeth A Klonoff

Teresa D LaFromboise

Hope Landrine

Frederick Leong

Paul Leung

JC Gisela Lin

Steven R Lopez

Robert G Malgady

Gerardo Marin

Anthony J Marsella

Joe L Martinez Jr

Jeffery S Mio

Marie Miville

Eduardo S Morales

John N Moritsugu

Ricardo F Munoz

Ernest Myers

Hector F Myers

Donna K Nagata

Sumie Okazaki

Freddy A Paniagua

Thomas A Parham

William D Parham

Carlton Parks

Paul B Pedersen

Jean S Phinney

Charles J Pine

Joseph G Ponterotto

Mark Pope

Donald B Pope-Davis

Lisa M Porche-Burke

Manuel Ramirez III

Prof Julian Rappaport

Carole A Rayburn

Pamela T Reid

Jeffrey M Ring

John D Robinson II

W LaVome Robinson

Emil R. Rodolfa

Lloyd H Rogler

Maria P Root

Robert S Rueda

Nancy F Russo

Azara Santiago-Rivera

Toshi Sasao

Diane Scott-Jones

Robert M Sellers

Felicisima C Serafica

Kumea Shorter-Gooden

Diana T Slaughter-Defoe

Elsie J Smith

Gargi R Sodowsky

Margaret B Spencer

Michael R. Stevenson

Robbie J Steward

Derald W Sue

Stanley Sue

Richard M Suinn

Chalmer E Thompson

Joseph E Trimble

Reiko H True

Castellano B Turner

Forrest B Tyler

Melba J Vasquez

Bruce Wampold

Diane J Willis

Melvin N Wilson

Gail E Wyatt

Barbara W Yee

Nolan W Zane

Maria C Zea
























































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