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APA 50 State Review and Approved Guidelines for Telepsychology

link to articles on media psychology
link to articles on media psychology

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Division 46 Purposes and Objectives


Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the science of psychology in the research, use and development of media and technology.

The Society is a community of psychologists and other professionals working across multiple disciplines and industries, including consultants, technology developers, educators, researchers, communications professionals, mental health practitioners, medical professionals and researchers who focus on some aspect of media and technology.

The Societyalso strives to encourage and support public knowledge in the forms of the accurate dissemination of information related to the impact of the media and technology on human behavior and the development of media and technological iteracy essential to participating fully in a digital society.


  • Support research that enhances the understanding of the impact of media technologies and the effectiveness of media and technology to transmit information and influence behavior

  • Develop a community for the discussion and development of theoretical frameworks for the study and practice of media psychology as a multi-disciplinary field

  • Support the development and use of positive and prosocial media and technologies
  • Encourage the ethical use of technology across all domains, from education and healthcare to marketing practices

  • Support efforts to educate individuals across society in media and technological literacy and digital citizenship

  • Encourage a fair and accurate representation in the mass media of the science and practice of psychology
  • Encourage the effective and ethical uses of media to inform the public about the science and profession of psychology and the impact of media and technology on individuals and society

  • Enrich and encourage the teaching, training, and practice of media psychology

  • Encourage adherence to APA ethical standards and guidelines in the use of media. The Division has liaisons with the APA Education, Practice, Science, and Public Interest Directorates.

Division Members Obtain Professional Benefits

  • Receive The Amplifier newsletter with member news, media research and APA information
  • Interact with some of the most interesting and creative people in psychology
  • Communicate directly with other Division 46 members on LISTSERV
  • Act as a liaison for APA Practice Directorate's Public Education Campaign
  • Work with state associations to offer assistance in media training
  • Work collaboratively with APA's Public Affairs Office
  • Participate in the Task Forces on New Technologies or on Critical Issues such as Media Stereotyping
  • Attend media programs at the APA annual convention and Mid-winter conference, and learn:
    • to work effectively with all types of media
    • impact of new media trends, such as video games, mobile devices and augmented reality
    • establish ethical standards on the use of new and digital media in professional settings
    • current developments in educational technology
    • understand how new technologies are being used in business, professional, educational and clinical environments
    • help establish media literacy best practices

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