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APA 50 State Review and Approved Guidelines for Telepsychology

link to articles on media psychology
link to articles on media psychology

Division 46 Listservs

The resources (hardware, software, and technical assistance) to host the Division 46 Listserv are provided without charge by the American Psychological Association as a public service to members of Division 46. There are very few rules as a member of this list/forum. However, these rules are critically important. If you plan to subscribe to this list, you are agreeing to these rules. Similar rules apply to members of nearly all non-profit Internet news or interest groups.

The rules are:

  1. Do not use the forum for illegal purposes, including but not limited to defamation, violation of intellectual property laws, violation of antitrust or unfair competition laws or violation of criminal laws.
  2. Do not intentionally interfere with or disrupt other forum members, network services, or network equipment. This includes distribution of unsolicited advertisement or chain letters, propagation of computer worms and viruses, and use of the network to make unauthorized entry to any other machine accessible via the Forum. If you break these rules then you will be removed from the list as these rules govern the very heart of our arrangements with our service provider.
  3. Do not use list for commercial purposes. "Commercial" as used for purposes of evaluating listserv messages means communications whose primary purpose is to advance the business or financial interests of any person or entity, or otherwise to promote a financial transaction for the benefit of the author directly or indirectly. Examples of prohibited communications include advertisements for products or services, notices regarding rental of office space, or direct solicitations of listserv members to purchase products or services. Examples of messages that may be of financial benefit to listserv members, but are not prohibited because they do not inure to the financial benefit of the author, include job listings or position openings, discussion of professionally-related products or services where the listserv member conveying the information is not in the business of selling the products or services. Announcements that provide useful professional information to List members but may also have some incidental commercial benefit to the sender (e.g. an author who is a listmember merely advising the List of publication of a professional book typically would not be "commercial" for purposes of this restriction).

If you agree to the above rules and wish to join our Listserv, please click the Subscribe button below. Please note that membership in Division 46 is required in order to join the Division 46 listserv.

In the email window:
Subject field should be blank,
and subscribe div46-mediapsych firstname lastname
in the main body of the message box with no other text.


The email address for subscribers of the APA Division 46 listserv is
DIV46-MEDIAPSYCH@LISTS.APA.ORG. In addition to this listserv, there is an announcement listserv that the division uses for sending out news to the members of the division. Division members are automatically added to this listserv. Please email Keith Cooke if you have any questions about the listservs.

Board Listserv

A listserv for the elected members and Committee Chairs of APA Division 46 is also available. Subscription requests should be made to Keith Cooke. The email address for this restricted listserv is DIV46BD@LISTS.APA.ORG.

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