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Interviews with
Media Literacy and Internet Safety Experts

Dr. Renee Hobbs
Stephen Balkam
Dr. Sonia Livingstone

APA 50 State Review and Approved Guidelines for Telepsychology

Current Issue:
Fall/Winter 2013

link to articles on media psychology
link to articles on media psychology

Officers and Committee Chairs 2013


  Bernard Luskin, PhD
  Jerri Lynn Hogg, PhD
Past President:
  Mary Alvord, PhD
  Kathryn E. Stamoulis, PhD
  Mary Gregerson, PhD
APA Council Representative:
  Elizabeth Carll, PhD


  Joanne Broder-Sumerson, PhD
2012-2014   June Wilson, PhD
2013-2015   Frank Farley, PhD
2013-2015   Pamela Rutledge, PhD, MBA

Rochelle Balter, JD, PhD

2014-2016   Greg Zerovnik, PhD

Committee Chairs

Awards Committee:
  Mary Alvord, PhD
By-Laws Committee   Rochelle JD, JD, PhD
    Alan Entin, PhD
    Linda Gomberg, JD, PhD
Convention Program Committee 2012:
  Jerri Lynn Hogg, PhD
    Linda Gomberg, JD, PhD
Editorial Policies & Guidelines Committee:   Frank Farley, PhD
Federal Advocacy Coordinator:   Elizabeth Carll, PhD
Fellows Committee:
  V. Krisha Kumar, PhD
Finance Committee:
  Pamela Rutledge, PhD
Long-Range Planning Committee:
  Rochelle Balter, JD, PhD
Marketing and Adversiting   Pauline Wallin, PhD
Media Watch Committee:

Ryan Niemiec, PsyD

    Adam Fisher, Student
Membership Committee:   Joanne Broder Sumerson, PhD
News Media, Public Education, and Public Policy Committee:  

June Wilson, PhD

Newsletter Editor and Website/Listserv Adminstrator/Chair:
  V. Krishna Kumar, PhD
Nominations and Elections Committee:
  Jerri Lynn Hogg, PhD
Publications Committee :
  Linda Berg-Cross, PhD
Student Committee:
  Tunisha Singleton
Telehealth Committee:
  Anthony Ragusea, PsyD
New Technologies Committee   Fran Blumberg, PhD
    Sharon Tettegah, PhD
Website Coordinator : Pamela Rutledge, PhD, MBA
Liaison to Committee on International Relations in Psychology (CIRP):   Bernard Luskin, PhD
Corporate Communications Committee:   Greg Zerovnik, PhD
    Lorraine Palmer, PhD
Distance Education Committee:   Joanna Miller, EdD
    Ashley Chelonis, MA
    Toni Luskin PhD

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