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APA 50 State Review and Approved Guidelines for Telepsychology

link to articles on media psychology
link to articles on media psychology

Officers and Committee Chairs 2013


  Jerri Lynn Hogg, PhD
  Mary Gregerson, PhD
Past President:
  Bernie Luskin, PhD
  Kathryn E. Stamoulis, PhD
  Karla Hamlen, PhD
APA Council Representative:
  Elizabeth Carll, PhD


  Frank Farley, PhD
2013-2015   Pamela Rutledge, PhD, MBA
2014-2016   Rochelle Balter, JD, PhD
2014-2016   Greg Zerovnik, PhD

Pauline Wallin

2015-2017   Joanne Broder-Sumerson

Committee Chairs

Awards Committee:
  Bernie Luskin, PhD
By-Laws Committee   Rochelle JD, JD, PhD
    Mary Alvord, PhD
    Jerri Lynn Hogg, JD, PhD
Convention Program Committee 2012:
  Pamela Rutledge, PhD
    Carrie Perry, PhD
Editorial Policies & Guidelines Committee:   Frank Farley, PhD
Federal Advocacy Coordinator:   Elizabeth Carll, PhD
Fellows Committee:
  V. Krisha Kumar, PhD
Finance Committee:
  Pamela Rutledge, PhD
Long-Range Planning Committee:
  Rochelle Balter, JD, PhD
Marketing and Adversiting  

Greg Zerovnik, PhD
Larry Taylor
Joanna Hesketh

Media Watch Committee:

James Kaufman, PhD

Membership Committee:   Joanne Broder Sumerson, PhD
News Media, Public Education, and Public Policy Committee:  

Chris Ferguson, PhD

Newsletter Editor and Website/Listserv Adminstrator/Chair:
  V. Krishna Kumar, PhD
Nominations and Elections Committee:
  Mary Gregerson, PhD
Publications Committee :
  Pauline Wallin, PhD
Student Committee:
  Tunisha Singleton
Melody Stotler
Telehealth Committee:
  Anthony Ragusea, PsyD
New Technologies Committee   Fran Blumberg, PhD
    Sharon Tettegah, PhD
Website Coordinator : Pamela Rutledge, PhD, MBA
Liaison to Committee on International Relations in Psychology (CIRP):   Elizabeth Carll, PhD
CODAPAR Mental Health Apps for Psychologists   Lili Friedland, PhD
Positive Media SIG   Dana Klisanin
Etthics   Linda Gomberg, PhD

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