SoAP promotes advances in research, professional training, and clinical practice within the broad range of addictive behaviors including problematic use of alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs and disorders involving gambling, eating, sexual behavior, or spending. Membership includes a subscription to the peer-reviewed journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors and the newsletter of the Division.
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The Addictions Newsletter (TAN),
Spring 2014

The latest news and insights about SoAP, addiction research, and more.
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Call for Awards! SoAP (Addictions) seeks nominations for its awards which will be announced at the APA Annual Convention. SUBMIT NOW !
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SoAP's 2014 Convention Program Preview  Collaborative and SoAP-sponsored symposia and poster presentations. Check it out!!
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Student & Trainee Perspectives
Students and trainees share their experience, thoughts, concerns and ideas in various topics.
Student and Trainee Perspectives
The 2nd Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction meeting in Atlanta (Feb 28 - Mar 1) was a huge success. Thanks to all attendees!
special column: Where do We Come From? What are We? Where are We Going?
Frederick Rotgers, President of SoAP

John F. Kelly
President of SoAP

Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction (Version 2.0): Just an “Update,” or a Whole New “Operating System”?

We are all used to software updates, whether on our mobile phones, tablets, or computers. Many of them are pretty unexciting. We often don’t even perceive what the update supposedly has made better. Even though the operating system “works ok,” we often crave something with a fresh look and new functionality. Software manufacturers know this; they have to produce something that is always engaging, attractive, useful and helpful, and ideally, fun, in order to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.

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