The Society for the Psychological Study of Masculinity and Men, Division 51, American Psychological Association
volume 12
number 2
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A Note of Appreciation

  Mark Stevens, PhD; 2007 Division 51 President  

My presidential year has flown by.  Looking back on the experience I am pleased to say, I’m glad I did it!  We have a vibrant group of scholars, practitioners, and advocates. The vibrancy is felt and apparent in our listserve discussions, convention programs, journal articles, men’s retreat, business meetings, executive committee meetings, socials at APA,   psychotherapy with men conference, pre-conference APA workshops and boys and men psychotherapy guidelines meetings.  Many of our division members are publishing cutting edge research that stands to make a difference in the lives of men and women. The increasing amount of women and graduate students becoming more active in our division is a real blessing and strength. We will be around for awhile.  I am proud to watch us grow, be a part of making a difference.

As I reflect on the year, I can not go with out mentioning some of the folks who have helped support our division.  My bookends are Larry Beer as past president and Chris Kilmartin as president elect.  Larry has an easy supportive and welcoming style.  His personal touch and statements like “Mark this is your time to really enjoy the experience” has been very much appreciated.  Chris brings a wealth of information and dedication to the presidency and it has been comforting to feel so confident about passing on the presidential baton to him.  Michele Harway our treasure has delivered year in and year out.  She keeps us in balance in so many ways.  The silent devotion of David Shepard needs some applause.  He works hard at our meetings as the Secretary and delivers the goods on time and in good order. Sam Cochran our division’s journal editor has helped take our journal to another level.  His hours and hours of behind the scenes work is valued and our journal is a wonderful product of his labor.  Neil Massoth our Council Representative (mentor emeritus) has kept us informed of the big picture issues and guided us on some very delicate issues.  Ron Levant our policy advisor has come to my rescue on a number of occasions, usually in less than 15 minutes. Mark Kisselica is our fellows chair extraordinaire (yes that rhymes).  He makes the process so affirming for our perspective fellows and his introduction speeches make you blush.  Fred Rabinowitz with his Zen-like patience and persistence has moved our guidelines project forward.  Vic Frazao our membership chair continues to be friendly and responsive to our new members and Matt Genuchi has managed to apply for internships, make a proposal for his doctoral project and offer his tech assistance whenever asked as our website guru.  He was also instrumental in developing our website for the Psychotherapy with Men Conference. Our members-at-large David Whitcomb, Gary Brooks, Will Liu and Holly Sweet continually show how much they care about the division.  They have been involved in difficult decisions and have provided input that has shaped the direction of our division.  Chen Oren did an all out fantastic job navigating as program chair of APA 2007 and continuing the wonderful tradition of a joint social with D35. Mitchell Hicks, our newsletter editor has put (spending countless hours) together some wonderful editions.  His multi-talents has shined through as evidenced by the many compliments I receive how our newsletter is great looking and easy to read.

Of course there are many other folks who contribute in significant ways to the orchestration and music of our division. You are the ones taking time to ask questions, supply answers and resources on our listserve. You are the liaisons of our divisions; you are the readers of conference proposals and reviewers of our journal submissions. You are the mentors and dissertation committee members of enthusiastic graduate students doing research on men and masculinity issues.    THANK YOU!! Our future feels and looks bright.  Ron Levant will continue the tradition of producing an excellent journal (we may even make a few bucks).  Matt Englar-Carlson has tentatively agreed to chair the second national conference on psychotherapy with men (and boys) in the summer of 09.  Chris Liang will be our newest executive counsel member (replacing Will Liu) as a member at large.  Chen Oren takes on the reins of treasure and Michael Addis (current program chair) becomes the President-Elect on January 1st.   I have very much appreciated the opportunity to serve as Division President and look forward to my role as Past President.

Best wishes and a very meaningful holiday season to you all,


  Edited by: Mitchell Hicks, PhD