The Society for the Psychological Study of Masulinity and Men
volume 12
number 2
President's Message

Division 51 President Mark Stevens

After saying my thanks to the division and expressing the honor it has been for me to serve as the president of Division 51, I casually ask if anyone else is hot in here.  I take off slowly my external presidential address type shirt and have underneath one of my favorite mountain biking jerseys...

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Division 51 2008 President Chris Kilmartin

The Warm, the Proud, the Terrified

At the recent APA Convention in San Francisco, following the Division 51 “business” meeting, someone made the suggestion that we should take a photo of all of the Division’s past Presidents in attendance...

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Dr. Ken Pope has graciously included an invitation to all members of the Division to receive a DVD containing a remarkable in-depth interview with a survivor of the Holocaust. 

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Attention Women of SPSMM!  Read about the new discussion list for women of Division 51 by clicking here!!!


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