About Us: Division Awards

Each year the division recognizes individuals who have demonstrated oustanding clinical work, teaching, research, and other service. Recipients are nominated by members, and awards are determined by the executive board. A description of the award categories (including previous winners) are below the nomination procedures.


Any member of SPSMM may make a nomination.  All nomination materials must be submitted in one complete file attachment by the nominator to the Awards Committee Chair.  This file should include the following:

  • A cover letter detailing the award and the person being nominated
  • One letter of support from an individual other than the nominator
  • The nominee's vita (if available)
  • A phone number where the nominated person can be reached (can be included in the cover letter)

Researcher of the Year nominations should indicate publications for which the nominee is being honored.  This information can be detailed in the cover letter or in a separate document. Please email applications to Dr. Michael Addis at maddis@clark.edu by June 15, 2010.


Award Categories

This award recognizes a psychologist who has provided outstanding clinical service to men.  Criteria for selection include: membership in SPSMM; at least 51% of work time devoted to providing clinical services to men; clinical activities must clearly foster the positive psychological adjustment of men.


This award honors outstanding service at the local, state, or national level that reflects a significant contribution to the SPSMM or promotes positive policy changes that enhance the well-being of men.  Eligibility criteria include long-term service contributions and positive impact on SPSMM or public policy.  Nominee does not need to be a member of SPSMM.


This award honors outstanding published research concerning males and masculinity. Eligibility criteria include membership in SPSMM; work clearly related to the psychological study of men and masculinity; work may include quantitative or qualitative research; scholarly reviews of the literature; theoretical models and approaches to treatment.  Nomination can be based on a single work published after January 1 of the year prior to the award presentation or thematic scholarship consisting of several works published over the course of many years.


This award honors an undergraduate of graduate student who has demonstrated outstanding academic performance, counseling practice, or research pertaining to boys, adolescent males, men, or masculinity. Nominees should be a student member of SPSMM, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and be involved counseling practice or research pertaining to masculinity.  Nomination materials should be accompanied by two letters of recommendation from two professors within the nominee‚s academic department.

This award honors a graduate student, post-doc, or new psychologist who has recently completed and defended a dissertation pertaining to boys, adolescent males men or masculinity.  Nominees should be able to demonstrate their successful defense or submission of a finished dissertation after July 1 of the previous year.  Nominees need not be members of SPSMM. Nomination materials should be accompanied by two letters of recommendation; one from a member of the dissertation committee, and one from a professor within the nominee‚s academic department.


This award recognizes exceptional contributions that enhance the well-being of boys or adolescent males.  The award will consider research, service, or therapeutic contributions that have improved the lives of boys.  Nominee does need to be a member of SPSMM.

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Previous Award Winners

Practitioner of the Year Award

  • Gary Brooks (2010)
  • Larry Beer (2009)
  • Jeff Jones (2007)
  • Victor Frazao (2006)
  • Holly Sweet (2005)
  • Mark Stevens (2003)
  • Warren Spielberg (2003)
  • Michael Andronico (2000)
  • Robert Rando (1999)
  • Murray Scher (1998)
  • Don-David Lusterman (1997)
  • Gary Brooks (1996)

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Distinguished Professional Service Award

  • Fred Rabinowitz (2010)
  • Taleb Khairallah (2007)
  • John Robertson (2006)
  • David Lisak (2005)
  • Larry Beer (2003)
  • Robert Rando (2002)
  • James Campbell (2001)
  • Sam Cochran (2000)
  • Neil Massoth (1999)
  • Denise Twohey (1999)
  • Larry Morris (1998)
  • Roy Scrivner (1997)
  • Ron Levant (1996)

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Researcher of the Year Award

  • Chris Kilmartin (2010)
  • Matt Englar-Carlson (2007)
  • Andrew Smiler (2007)
  • Mark Stevens (2007)
  • Stephen Wester (2006)
  • Will Courtney (2005)
  • Will Liu (2005)
  • Aaron Rochlen (2005)
  • James Mahalik (2003; 2004)
  • Michael Addis (2003)
  • Gary Brooks (2002)
  • Glenn Good (1999; 2002)
  • Carl Auerbach (2001)
  • Louise Siverstein (2001)
  • Arthur Horne (2000)
  • Mark Kiselica (2000)
  • William Pollack (1998)
  • James O'Neil (1997)
  • David Lisak (1996)

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Student of the Year Award

  • Joseph Hammer (2009)
  • Ryan McKelley (2008)
  • J. Russell Couch (2007)
  • Marina Epstein (2007)
  • Cody Hobza (2007)
  • Daniel Saland (2007)
  • MySha Whorley (2007)
  • K. Bryant Smalley (2006)
  • David Tager (2006)
  • Joel Wong (2005)
  • David Miller (2004)
  • Loren Frankel (2003)
  • Nancy Sherrod (2003)
  • Scott Boespflug (2002)
  • Matt Englar-Carlson (2001)
  • Ben Locke (2001)
  • Francisco Sanchez (2001)
  • Stephen Jenkins (2000)
  • Rod Hetzel (1998)
  • Corey Habben (1997)
  • Andrew Rotzien (1996)

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Loren Frankel Student Research Award

  • Michael McFarland (2010)
  • Clinton Anderson (2007)
  • Wizdom Powell Hammond (2006)
  • Chris Burke (2006)
  • Francisco Sanchez (2006)

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Outstanding Advocate for Boys Award

  • William Pollack (2007)
  • Arthur Horne (2006)
  • Mark Kiselica (2005)

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Presidential Citation for Service

  • Michele Harway (2007)
  • Sam Cochran (2007)

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