About Us: Presidential Welcome

Aaron Rochlen, Ph.D.Welcome to Division 51!  If you are new to our division or potentially interested in joining, I hope this website communicates some of the exciting opportunities, important projects, and innovative programs our division offers.  


I also wanted to take this opportunity to briefly note my presidential initiatives for the 2010 year. These include:

  1. Expanding our visibility with other divisions, organizations, and the public
  2. Increasing our use of technology for various division purposes   
  3. Initiating new planning strategies for key division issues (e.g., expanding membership, facilitating dialogue around diversity, programming, etc.)
  4. Conducting a successful 2nd Psychotherapy with Men Conference in Austin, TX

As the year progresses, I hope to share specific ideas and solicit feedback for how progress on each of these initiatives can be achieved.


In closing, I wanted to say that I feel quite honored (and humbled) to have been elected this leadership position. I’ve frequently reflected back on the critical role Division 51 has had in my personal and professional development. I hope my efforts and enthusiasm in serving the division translates into meaningful contributions for our division.  My hopes? If you are considering joining, you will give us a chance. If you are a member, looking to get more involved, you will find opportunities to do so.  And if you are an active member – get ready for an exciting and important year for our division.




Aaron Rochlen, Ph.D.
President, Division 51
Associate Professor
Counseling Psychology
University of Texas at Austin