Events: APA Convention - Division Programming


Below are highlights of division programming at the convention. You may also download and view/print a full schedule (e.g., presenters, discussants, times, locations, other programming, etc.) from the following links:

Full Summary (PDF)

Full Summary (.doc)



Asian American Former Gang Members: Theories, Research, and Clinical Implications

Chair: William M. Liu, PhD, University of Iowa

Boyhood: Making and Resisting Masculinity
Chair: Sharon Lamb, EdD, UMass Boston


Contextualism, Gender Role Conflict, and Three Empirical Studies: Implications
Chairs: James M. O’Neil, PhD, University of Connecticut
Glenn E. Good, PhD, University of Missouri – Columbia


Counseling Men: Action/Body-Oriented Approaches
Chairs: Chen Z. Oren, PhD, Phillips Graduate Institute
Dora C. Oren, PhD, Phillips Graduate Institute


Gendered Lives of Racialized Men: Implications for Research and Practice
Chair: Christopher T.H. Liang, PhD, University of La Verne


How Personal Narratives Become Professional Interests: Psychologists Studying Masculinity
Chair: Aaron B. Rochlen, PhD, University of Texas at Austin


International Psychology of Men: Theoretical Advances, Case Studies, and Clinical Innovations
Chairs: Christopher Blazina, PhD, Tennessee State University
David S. Shen-Miller, PhD, MSW, Tennessee State University


Masculinity Socialization in Sport: Implications for Student-Athlete Development On/Off Field
Chair: Jesse A Steinfeldt, PhD, Indiana University


Peer Influences on Men’s Dating and Sexual Behavior
Chairs: Jennifer L. Walsh, MA, University of Michigan
Marina Epstein, PhD, University of Michigan


Personal Voices: Experiences of Women Therapists Working with Male Clients
Chair: Holly B. Sweet, PhD, Cambridge Center for Gender Relations


Qualitative Analysis of Therapeutic Support Groups for African American Men
Chair: Anderson J. Franklin, Ph.D., Boston College


Recent Advances in Research on Masculinity and Men’s Health
Chair: Ronald F. Levant, EdD, The University of Akron