Events: APA Convention - Hospitality Suite Programming

Division 51 is hosting additional programming in the Room 1238, at the Hard Rock Hotel on August 12 and 13. Below is the list of programs and corresponding member host. Room keys are required for floor access, so please show up at the elevators closet to the business center five minutes before the program and a division representative will come to let you up. Alternatively, call the room from a hotel phone.


Thursday, August 12

  • 2:30-4:00pm: Promoting dialogue of men of color through Division 51 – Chris Liang & Jen Primack
    The goal of this meeting is to bring together leading researchers and clinicians with the aim of initiating a dialogue on how the division can foster, facilitate, and disseminate research and clinical work on the intersections of race and gender among racial and ethnic minorities. Additional objectives for this meeting include developing a community within Division 51 that is committed to working with racial and ethnic minorities and would provide networking, research, and clinical opportunities for our members.

  • 6:00-7:30pm: Students in 51 and mentoring – Matt Englar-Carlson & Fred Rabinowitz
    Come meet some of the more involved Division 51 authors, researchers, and clinicians.  Hear their stories, ask questions, and find out how they started out in the field.  This is a great opportunity for students to become more engaged in the division.  Get some varied perspectives on the field and some sage advice on potential career paths involving the psychology of men and masculinity. Interested members are encouraged to contact hosts Dr. Rabinowitz at or Dr. Englar-Carlson at or to reserve a spot at one of the two sessions being held.

Friday, August 13

  • 3:00-4:20pm: Our history and future leadership in 51 – Larry Beer & Michael Addis
    Division 51 is a relatively young division and much of how it is today is a result of what former leaders have done in the past.  Michael Addis and Larry Beer, two long-time members of the division and former presidents, will talk about the division's history along with ways for interested members to get further involved with the division and how they can become division leaders.  In this way interested members can become an important part of the division's evolving history themselves. Space is limited for this hospitality suite program and interested members are encouraged to contact Dr. Beer at or Dr. Addis at to reserve a spot.

  • 4:30-5:50pm: Conversation Hour: A place for gay and bisexual men's issues in Division 51 – David Whitcomb & Cisco Sanchez
    Division 51 is a unique organization that brings together students and professionals from various backgrounds. Although the organization supports diverse viewpoints, sexual orientation is often unintentionally overlooked in many of Division 51’s functions. Consequently, it is important that Division 51 actively work to include groups and perspectives that have been historically excluded to avoid becoming an “insider group” where only certain members feel welcome. To help promote Division 51’s diversity, this session will focus on issues related to non-heterosexual men by bringing together division members who engage in research, clinical practice, and social advocacy work with sexual minorities. Following introductions, the group will discuss professional interests related to gay and bisexual men’s issues. Division 51’s leaders are committed to being a more inclusive professional society. Thus, all are welcome at this gathering. For more information, contact Dr. David Whitcomb ( or Dr. Cisco Sanchez (

  • 6:00-7:30pm: Students in 51 and mentoring – Matt Englar-Carlson & Fred Rabinowitz

Saturday, August 14

  • 9:00-10:30am: Conversation Hour: How women therapists, instructors and researchers can benefit from being involved in Division 51 – Holly Sweet & Michele Harway
    If you are an instructor, researcher, or clinician interested in sharing ideas and stories about our experiences in the field of the psychology of men and masculinity, feel free to stop by on Saturday, August 14th from 9-10:30 and join other women with similar concerns. Topics to be discussed include what it's like to do therapy with men (i.e how to connect with male clients, what works and what doesn't, and how to best address some of the challenges in mixed-gender dyads), teaching gender studies and psychology of men classes, and exploring different areas of research interest in men's issues. For more information, contact Dr. Holly Sweet ( or Dr. Michele Harway (

Hard Rock Hotel - Gold Suite