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Below are select podcasts of Division 51 members from The Secret Lives of Men, a 30-minute Internet radio show hosted by Dr. Chris Blazina with weekly roundtable discussant Dr. Ryan McKelley. More information about the show can be found at, which airs weekly from 3:00-3:30pm EST. All files are 7MB in mp3 format.


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Michael Addis, Ph.D. Overcoming Depression One Step at a Time
Michael E. Addis, Ph.D., joins us to discuss his book, "Overcoming Depression One Step at a Time: New Behavioral Activation Approach to Getting Your Life Back." "Overcoming Depression One Step at a Time" offers self-activation techniques to: become more engaged with life, enjoy daily activities, feel more able to face challenges, and stop avoiding social situations. The aim of the book is to conquer the obstacles that keep depression going that making decisions based on moods and instead get back on track with life goals. The book offers the reader the ability to recognize the habits and patterns that fuel depression.
11/10/2009 Download
Rick Belden Iron Man Family Outing: Poems about Transition into a More Conscious Manhood
The author embarks upon an healing odyssey regarding the father-son relationship. Iron Man Family Outing is widely used in the United States and internationally by therapists, counselors, and men's groups as an aid in the exploration of masculine psychology and men's issues, and as a resource for men who grew up in dysfunctional, abusive, or neglectful family systems. It has been ranked in the top 20 poetry books and the top 35 books on father-son relationships at, based on reader reviews. We aslo discuss Rick’s new book, Scapegoat's Cross: Poems about Finding and Reclaiming the Lost Man Within
9/22/2009 Download
Chris Blazina, Ph.D. & Ryan McKelley, Ph.D. Secret Lives of Men 2009 Year in Review
Join Chris Blazina and Ryan McKelley for a Secret Lives of Men 2009 year in review. We will be discussing some of our favorite moments from the program and the world around us.
12/29/2009 Download
Sam Buser, Ph.D. Guys-Only Guide to Getting Over Divorce
This book is a man's guide to recovering from divorce and starting a new life. The emphasis of this book is not on winning money battles, but on helping men manage the emotional issues inherent in a divorce. Written by two psychologists who have been working with men for the past 30 years, the book uses a question and answer format to give guys straight advice on how to minimize conflict, reduce harm to children, face secret fears, and start new relationships. The authors give extensive coaching to men in how to begin dating again, the nature of sexuality post-divorce, and making choices that can lead to a successful future marriage. Sam J. Buser, Ph.D., has worked directly with men and men's issue for the past 25 years. Glenn F. Sternes, Ph.D. is an expert in the field of human sexuality.
9/15/2009 Download
Neil Chethik Father Loss
Men have sometimes been thought incapable of grieving, where as writer/speaker Neil Chethik argues society has not allowed them to do so, especially about such an important topic as father loss. Father Loss features up-close-and-personal profiles of father-son relationships and shows the impact of losing one's father. Chethik will also be discussing his documentary film for public television based on the same theme.
7/25/2009 Download
Jon Davies, Ph.D. College Men's Centers: Helping College Men Survive "Guyland" Part II
In part II of a two week series we focus upon more of the issues college men encounter in “Guyland.” Jon Davies, Ph.D. will discuss the University of Oregon Men’s Center, one of the first Center’s of its kind, and how they address the challenges college men face.
7/7/2009 Download
Marina Epstein, Ph.D. Men at Risk
Research suggests that men can be at risk for a number of harmful behaviors such as substance abuse,sexual STD's, and even violence. Today's guest is Marina Epstein, Ph.D. discussing her important work in this area. Marina Epstein, Ph.D. is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan Substance Abuse Research Center. She will be discussing the complex and sometimes confusing process of negotiating societal expectations about gender, including her recent research on college men’s attitudes and experiences with “hooking up” in casual romantic relationships.
6/23/2009 Download
Andrew Irwin-Smiler, Ph.D. Young Men's Sexual Lives
When we think about the sex lives of teenage boys and young men, we expect them to be promiscuous and to be willing to do just about anything to have sex. Yet research into the sexual behavior and desires of teenage boys and young men shows us that few teenage boys and young men fit this pattern. Contrary to the stereotype, most boys are monogamous and want to establish an emotional connection to their partners. Andrew Smiler PhD., joins us to discuss his research. Dr. Smiler is a visiting assistant professor of psychology at Wake Forest University; prior to that, an assistant professor of psychology at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Oswego.
12/8/2009 Download
Jack Kammer, MSW, MBA Heroes of the Blue Sky Rebellion
Do you have a son, a brother, a nephew you love? Maybe a young male friend or student you care about? Does he feel he has to act a certain way simply because he's male - a way that might not be best for him? The central idea of this book is that boys and young men are being harmed by cultural assumptions about masculinity that devalue and disregard both a boy’s inner and outer world. We adults need to address sexism against young men. The book is a quick and easy boy-friendly read. Jack Kammer, MSW, MBA is the director of the Center for Men and Boys in Social Policy, a public interest consultancy in Baltimore, Maryland USA.
12/1/2009 Download
Christopher Kilmartin, Ph.D. Men's Violence Against Women
Dr. Christopher Kilmartin discusses his book, "Men's Violence Against Women: Theory, Research, and Activism." The book addresses several forms of violence, including rape, intimate partner violence, stalking, and sexual harassment. Although most men do not perpetrate violence against women, such violence is not a “women’s” issue; it will take the strength and courage of both women and men to solve this human issue.
8/11/2009 Download
Mark Kiselica, Ph.D. Counseling Troubled Boys: A Guidebook for Professionals
Mark Kiselica Ph.D. discusses his book, "Counseling Troubled Boys: A Guidebook for Professionals." Dr. Kiselica provides clear, helpful information about the process of understanding and engaging a wide array of boys and adolescent males. This volume provides practitioners with case examples and shows consideration for race, ethnicity, religion, and other cultural factors for boys. The book creates a bridge between young men and professional helpers by providing school and mental health practitioners with a practical book on understanding and responding to the developmental and special issues of boys and male adolescent males.
10/6/2009 Download
Ronald Levant, Ed.D., MBA, ABPP Men's Reluctance to Seek Help
Ronald F. Levant, EdD, ABPP, MBA, is the former President of the American Psychological Association and current Editor of the journal, “Psychology of Men and Masculinity.” Dr Levant joins us to discuss his unique insights on men’s reluctance to seek help. Dr. Levant is the author of numerous books including “A New Psychology of Men,” a book that has reshaped the field. Questioning the traditional norms of the male role (such as the emphasis on aggression, competition, status, and emotional stoicism), “A New Psychology of Men,” shows how some male problems (such as violence, homophobia, devaluation of women, detached fathering, and neglect of health needs) are unfortunate by-products of the current process by which males are socialized.
10/13/2009 Download
William Liu, Ph.D. Asian American Men and Masculinity
William Liu is the editor of an upcoming book focusing on Asian American men and masculinity, titled, Culturally Responsive Counseling with Asian American Men (Routledge Series on Counseling and Psychotherapy with Boys and Men). The book aims to fill a gap in the current literature by providing practitioners with a comprehensive and current review of the most relevant issues that Asian American men experience, as well as by presenting culturally-responsive techniques and novel strategies on how to work with them.
7/28/2009 Download
Ryon McDermott, M.A. Exploring Your Sense of Being a Man
Ryon McDermott, a doctoral student at the University of Houston, will discuss research about how men develop their sense of masculinity by exploring and committing to various gender roles. Central to this process is the role of gender role dogmatism. It is important to explore instead of foreclosing too quickly on gender roles related to being a man in order to prompt well-being and an authentic self.
8/4/2009 Download
Ryan McKelley, Ph.D. Group Therapy for Men: What is it and Does it Help?
Research shows men are far less likely to use therapy services of any kind; but expanding counseling to include choices like a men's group may help; My guest today is Ryan A. McKelley, Ph.D. Assistant Professor,Department of Psychology University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
6/9/2009 Download
Jim O'Neil, Ph.D. Men and Loss
Loss is a universal human experience. With that said, many men have difficulty working through and accepting the various forms of losses that occur over the course of a life time. This difficulty can be traced in part to how men are taught to approach grief related issues by using restrictive emotionality and control issues, both of which can inhibit working through process. We will explore how men can take painful loss experiences and transform them into meaningful life events. Our guest is Dr. Jim O’Neil, a pioneer in the area of the psychology of men.
11/24/2009 Download
Chen Oren, Ph.D. Counseling Fathers
With Father’s Day around the corner this program is dedicated to exploring the important roles they play in our lives. We also discuss some of the difficulties men have fulfilling the role of father, which can impact their sense of well-being. My guest today is Chen Z. Oren, Ph.D. Professor, Phillips Graduate Institute. He will be discussing his new book, "Counseling Fathers."
6/16/2009 Download
Fred Rabinowitz, Ph.D. Deepening Psychotherapy with Men
Dr. Fred Rabinowitz discusses a theoretical and clinical guide for helping male clients look inward to resolve the core conflicts of their lives. This includes isues related to close relationships, sadness, emotional needs, and being rather than doing.
9/25/2009 Download
David Wexler, Ph.D. Men in Therapy
An interview with Psychologist David Wexler Ph.D. discussing his new book, Men in Therapy."Dr. David Wexler presents an honest and valuable overview of the ways in which cultural norms and assumptions color the male experience of psychotherapy. He explains how the traditional notions of masculinity (the “Guy Code”) keep men away from the therapist’s office and inhibit men trying to benefit from counseling and therapy. In this ground-breaking book, therapists are offered a rich understanding of these issues and even richer set of guidelines and strategies for engaging men in new and creative ways.David B. Wexler, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of the Relationship Training Institute.
9/29/2009 Download