Join Division 51 : Membership Chair Welcome

Welcome to the Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity (SPSMM) membership section of our web page. I personally want to welcome you on behalf of the entire membership and our current president.


If you are not part of SPSMM, the Division is seeks your membership and help in developing the psychology of men in the United States and in countries around the world.


SPSMM is one of APA’s newest divisions. We have existed for only 15 years as a recognized entity in APA. The history of this division is detailed on other parts of this web page.


Given our short history, there is much work to be done in developing the psychology of men. You can be part of this development and frankly we need your help and energy.


You can be part of the developing the psychology of men over the next decade in many   ways.  Please review the ways that you can be involved in Division 51 in terms of benefits and opportunities. These are described in the member benefits section of the web page.


Maybe the big question is: “Why join SPSMM and what would you gain?” To answer this question, the disclosures of past members may be the most relevant to share.


Most current members of SPSMM describe Division 51 as “their real home” in the larger APA. APA is a large organization and for some it is hard to figure out how to connect to such a large organization.


SPSMM is a place where you can plant some roots, have some continuity over time, and personally network with others who share your commitment to the psychology of men, women, and gender. Joining Division 51 means having a connection to over 500 other psychologists who value the psychology of men in terms of theory, research, and effective service delivery for men.


SPSMM is the place (and maybe the only place in APA) to find collegiality and meaningful discourse on the psychology of men. Many new members of SPSMM describe their entry into Division 51 as energizing and purposeful. Sometimes it is through elected office or attending the dynamic APA convention programming. Other times it will be through involvement in our sometimes controversial listserve or reading our division’s journal, The Psychology of Men and Masculinity.


Maybe, the most frequently mentioned benefit of joining SPSMM is the personal relationships developed by members. Everyone agrees that SPSMM has a special and welcoming atmosphere where you can be a stranger one moment and the next hour become part of a community of caring  professionals who are committed to understanding men’s and women’s lives. You can create long term relationships with other professionals who share your commitment men’s issues. These personal and professional relationships can help mediate feeling isolated with our individual initiatives in promoting the psychology of men.


If you are starting your career as a psychologist or wanting to revitalize your present career, Division 51 offers you multiple avenues for your professional commitments and service.


I speak for the both past and present SPSMM leadership in suggesting that SPSMM is a place where you can find a community of scholars and practitioners that can energize you as a psychologist.


As membership chair, I am available to answer any questions you have.


Please read through the rest of the membership web page. You will find the following information on: 1) member  benefits, 2) how to join, 3) video testimonials of members, 4) the Division 51 Listserv,  5) women in Division 51, 6) student membership, 7) and International and affiliate status in SPSMM (coming soon).


Jim O’Neil, Ph.D.
Membership Chair, SPSMM
Department of Educational Psychology
Neag School of Education
University of Connecticut