Publications: Archive of Bulletins

Below is an archival list of previous editions of the Division 51 bulletin. Sections of the bulletin include a quarterly special focus section, written by SPSMM members, a message from the division president, and anouncements about important division events. Questions about the Division 51 Bulletin should be directed to the bulletin editor, Mitchell Hicks, Ph.D.


Winter 2008 Bulletin

Summer 2007 Bulletin

Spring 2007 Bulletin

Winter 2006 Bulletin

Summer 2006 Bulletin

Spring 2006 Bulletin

Fall 2005 Bulletin

Spring 2005 Bulletin

Winter 2004 Bulletin

Fall 2004 Bulletin

Spring 2004 Bulletin

Winter 2003 Bulletin

Fall 2003 Bulletin

Spring 2003 Bulletin

Fall 2002 Bulletin

Summer 2002 Bulletin

Spring 2002 Bulletin

Summer 2001 Bulletin

Spring 2001 Bulletin