Publications: Members' Books & Films

This page is still under construction as we begin to collect information from members who have published books, textbooks, or films, and will link to them from this page. We are also in the process of working out arrangements with Amazon for the division to receive 5% of book sales for purchases made from a link on this site. If you have a book or film you would like listed, please email the following information to Brandon Youngblood:

  • Author(s) name(s)
  • Title of book/film
  • Year published/produced
  • Publisher/Producer



Author(s) Title Year Publisher
Belden, R. Iron Man Family Outing: Poems about Transition into a More Conscious Manhood 1990 Plain View Press
Blazina, C. The secret lives of men: What men want you to know about love, sex, and relationships 2008 HCI
  The cultural myth of masculinity 2003 Praeger
Blazina, C., & Shen-Miller, D.  (Eds.) An international psychology of men: Clinical implications and case studies 2010 Routledge
Brooks, G. R. Beyond the crisis of masculinity: A transtheoretical model for male-friendly therapy 2009 APA Books
  A new psychotherapy for traditional men 1998 Jossey-Bass
  The Centerfold Syndrome: How men can overcome objectification and achieve intimacy with women 1995 Jossey-Bass
Brooks, G. R. & Good, G. E. (Eds). New handbook of counseling and psychotherapy for men 1998 Jossey-Bass
Cochran, S. V. & Rabinowitz, F. E. Men and depression: Clinical and empirical perspectives 2000 Academic Press
Diamond, M. J. My father before me: how fathers and sons influence each other throughout their lives 2007 W.W. Norton
Englar-Carlson, M., & Stevens, M. (Eds.) In the room with men: A casebook of therapeutic change 2006 American Psychological Association
Good, G. E. & Brooks, G. R. (Eds.). The new handbook of counseling and psychotherapy for men (revised edition). 2005 Jossey-Bass
Kammer, J. Heroes of the blue sky rebellion: How you and other young men can claim all the happiness in the world 2009 Healthy Village Press
Kilmartin, C. T. The masculine self (4th ed.) 2010 Sloan
  Sexual assault in context: Teaching college men about gender 2005 Erlbaum
Kilmartin, C. T. & Allison, J. A. Gender-based violence: Theory, research, and activism 2007 Erlbaum
Kiselica, M. S. When boys become parents: Adolescent fatherhood in America 2008 Rutgers University Press
  Multicultural counseling with teenage fathers 1995 Sage
Kiselica, M. S., Englar-Carlson, M., & Horne, A. M. (sds.) Counseling troubled boys: A guidebook for professionals 2008 Routledge
Levant, R., & Brooks, G. (eds.) Men and sex: New psychological perspectives 1997 John Wiley & Sons
Levant, R., & Pollack, W. (eds.) A new psychology of men 1995 Basic
Lynch, J., & Kilmartin, C. T. The pain behind the mask: Overcoming masculine depression 1999 Erlbaum
Liu, W. M., Iwamoto, D. K., & Chae, M (eds).
Culturally responsible counseling with Asian American men 2010 Routledge
Norcross, J. C., Beutler, L. E., & Levant, R. F. (eds.) Evidence-based practice in mental health: Debate and dialogue on the fundamental questions 2005 American Psychological Association
Oren, C. Z., & Oren, D. C. Counseling fathers 2009 Routledge
Pollack, W., & Levant, R. (eds.) New psychotherapy for men 1998 John Wiley & Sons
Philpot, C. L., Brooks, G. R., Lusterman, D. D., & Nutt, R. L. Bridging separate gender worlds: Why men and women clash and how therapists can bring them together 1997 APA Press
Rabinowitz, F. E. & Cochran, S. V. Man alive: A primer of men's issues 1994 Brooks-Cole
  Deepening psychotherapy with men 2002 American Psychological Association
Shapiro, J. L., Diamond, M. J., & Greenberg, M. Becoming a father: Contemporary social, developmental and clinical perspectives 1995 Springer Publishing
Tejirian, E. J. Male to male: Sexual feeling across the boundaries of identity 2000 Routledge (currently)
Harrington Park Press (previously)
  Sexuality and the devil: Symbols of love, power, and fear in male psychology 1990 Routledge
Welland, C. & Wexler, D. Sin golpes: Como transformar la respuesta violenta de los hombres en la pareja y la familia 2007 Editorial Pax Mexico
Wester, S. R., Vacha-Hasse, T., & Christianson, H. F. Counseling Older Men 2010 Routledge
Wexler, D. When good men behave badly: Change your behavior, change your relationship 2004 New Harbinger
  Por Que Los Hombres Buenos Se Portan Mal: Como Encontrar El Equilibrio Entre Valores y Comportamiento 2004 Mat Editoriial
  Is he depressed or what: What to do when the man you love is irritable, moody, and withdrawn 2006 New Harbinger
  STOP domestic violence: Innovative skills, techniques, options, and plans for better relationships 2006 W. W. Norton
  Men in therapy: New approaches for effective treatment 2009 W. W. Norton

Producer(s) Title Year Publisher
Englar-Carlson, M. Engaging men in psychotherapy: A stimulus video [DVD] 2010 American Psychological Association
Kiselica, M. S. Positive Psychology with Male Clients 2008 American Psychological Association
Kilmartin, C. Crimes Against Nature 2000 Self Published
Levant, R. Effective Psychotherapy with Men [DVD and Viewers Guide] 2006
  Men and Masculinity [DVD] 2006 Microtraining and Multicultural Development
Levant, R., Liu, W., McDonald, D., Parham, W., & Vazquez, L. The Psychology of Men and Masculinity in Multicultural Perspective [DVD] 2005 Microtraining and Multicultural Development