Research & Training: Training Opportunities with Division Members
Below is an alphabetical list of division members involved in various research and training opportunities relevant to the psychology of men and masculinity.


Name, Degree, Appointment: Michael Addis, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology
Institution: Clark University
Research Areas: Men's mental health
Training Opportunities: Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology
Preferred Contact Information: maddis[at]clark[dot]edu


Name, Degree, Appointment: Ann R. Fischer, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Institution: Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Affiliated Programs: Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program*; Cross-appointed in Women’s Studies
Research Areas: Psychology of gender, sexualities, culture, and diversity, from a feminist/social justice perspective. This means that analyses of context, power, and privilege are critical in considering issues around men and masculinities.
Training Opportunities: Research mentoring for graduate students in counseling psychology doctoral program; I also sometimes chair theses and dissertations for students in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program*; Gender Interest Group in the Department of Psychology
Preferred Contact Information: arf12[at]siu[dot]edu


Name, Degree, Appointment: Glenn E. Good, Ph.D., Professor & Interim Associate Dean
Institution: University of Missouri
Affiliated Programs: Counseling Psychology* & School Psychology*, affiliated faculty Women & Gender Studies
Research Areas: Men, conceptions of masculinity and psychosocial/biomedical well being.  Predictors of willingness to seek psychosocial and biomedical assistance.  Innovative counseling/therapy approaches. 
Training Opportunities: Research mentoring for doctoral and masters level program in counseling psychology; Men and Masculinity Research Center Group; Practicum, field placement, and/or postdoctoral internships at the U of Missouri Counseling Center (men’s groups), VA Medical Center (male veterans), Rusk Rehabilitation Center (masculinity and rehab), Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center (men’s group; male-targeted outreach and intervention) and community mental health centers (DV perpetrator groups)
Preferred Contact Information: GoodG[at]missouri[dot]edu


Name, Degree, Appointment: Anthony Isacco, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Institution: Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA
Affiliated Programs: Masters of Science and Psy.D., Counseling Psychology
Research Areas: My research interests are men and masculinity, fathering, multiculturalism, fraternity men, non-traditional interventions for men, and qualitative research methodology.
Training Opportunities: Research mentoring for doctoral and masters students.
Preferred Contact Information: aisacco[at]chatham[dot]edu


Name, Degree, Appointment: Jack S. Kahn, Ph.D., Professor
Institution: Curry College
Affiliated Programs: Psychology Department.
Research Areas: My interests include exploring the diverse ways in which men defy dominant masculinity and profeminist activism.
Preferred Contact Information: jkahn[at]


Name, Degree, Appointment: Ronald F. Levant, Ed.D., ABPP, Dean and Professor of Psychology
Institution: The University of Akron
Affiliated Programs: Collaborative PhD Program in Counseling Psychology*
Research Areas:  Masculinity and femininity ideology, normative male alexithymia, Alexithymia Reduction Treatment, masculinity and men’s health, African-American masculine norms.
Training Opportunities: I have an ongoing research group on the above topics that students can participate in. Currently 8 students are involved, including undergraduates, masters students, and PhD students. I have one 20 hour paid RA per year for an advanced PhD student.  I also serve on and Chair Senior Honors Theses and PhD Dissertations in my area.
Preferred Contact Information:  Levant[at]uakron[dot]edu


Name, Degree, Appointment: Ryan A. McKelley, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Institution: University of Wisconsin – La Crosse
Affiliated Programs: Undergraduate Psychology and School Psychology
Research Areas: My research interests have focused on men’s barriers to traditional help-seeking interventions, the practice of professional/executive coaching as an alternative treatment option, and men in non-traditional career and family roles. Future interests will continue in these areas and will broaden to include men’s behavioral health, health psychology, and mind/body interventions.
Training Opportunities: Mentorship in an undergraduate honors program with opportunities to collaborate on research projects.
Website: TBD
Preferred Contact Information: mckelley.ryan[at]uwlax[dot]edu


Name, Degree, Appointment: Aaron Rochlen, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Institution: University of Texas at Austin
Affiliated Programs: Counseling Psychology* and Counselor Education
Research Areas: I have research interests relevant to many broad areas within the psychology of men and masculinity. These include research on non-traditional career and family roles, gender role conflict, barriers to help-seeking, marketing mental health, and depression.
Training Opportunities: Mentorship opportunities in a doctoral level program in counseling psychology (typically accept 1-2 students per year)
Preferred Contact Information: aaron.rochlen [at] mail.utexas[dot]edu


Name, Degree, Appointment: Kathryn M. Ryan, PhD, Professor of Psychology
Institution: Lycoming College
Research Areas: I am a research psychologist interested in several issues potentially relevant to gender and masculinity. They include playful aggression, rape, courtship violence, and narcissism. I believe that gender influences the perception of and willingness to engage in these behaviors. I also believe that heterosexual relationships might be improved with a better understanding of these behaviors.
Preferred Contact Information:  ryan[at]lycoming[edu]edu


Name, Degree, Appointment: Theo Sandfort, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Clinical Sociomedical Sciences (in Psychiatry)
Institution: HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies
Affiliated Programs: Public Health, Psychiatry
Research Areas: Masculinity and men’s health in the context of HIV and AIDS
Training Opportunities: NIMH-funded post-doctoral training program in social scientific HIV/AIDS research.
Preferred Contact Information: tgs2001[at]columbia[dot]edu


Name, Degree, Appointment: Jerrold Lee Shapiro, Ph.D., Professor, Counseling Psychology, 
Institution: Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA.
Affiliated Programs: Counseling Psychology, Counseling M.A. Program
Research Areas:  Primary focus is on fathers and fatherhood, from the transition to parenthood through the life cycle (three books on that topic). In addition, I have been involved in research, training and practice of existentially oriented psychotherapy with men with a particular focus on mid-life and later.
Training Opportunities: Advocacy and research supervision at the graduate level. I have Chaired and served on Dissertation and thesis committees focused on fatherhood, masculinity and men's issues. 
Preferred Contact Information: Jshapiro[at]scu[dot]edu


Name, Degree, Appointment: Andrew Smiler, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Institution: Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC)
Affiliated Programs: Department of Psychology
Research Areas: My research interests focus on the development of masculinity, for both men and women, over the lifetime. In particular, I study how the media, peers, and leisure time activities shape and maintain an individual's enactment of masculinity. I also study the sexual beliefs and behaviors of 15-30 year olds, including the connections between masculinity and sexuality.
Training Opportunities: Undergraduate research assistantships
Preferred Contact Information: andrew.smiler[at]


Name, Degree, Appointment: Jesse Steinfeldt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Institution: Indiana University, Bloomington
Affiliated Programs: Counseling Psychology* and Counselor Education
Research Areas: My research interests highlight the experiences of student-athletes, particularly football players. I am interested in examining gender socialization and the development of masculinity norms among these young men, including the intersections of masculinity, racial identity, and athletic identity.
Training Opportunities: Research mentoring in masculinity research for doctoral and master's students
Preferred Contact Information: jesstein[at]indiana[dot]edu


Name, Degree, Appointment: Joel Wong, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Institution: Indiana University, Bloomington
Affiliated Programs: Counseling Psychology* and Counselor Education
Research Areas: I am interested in the study of men's emotional lives, including the varied ways and circumstances in which men express or don't express their emotions. I also have an emerging interest in masculinity issues associated with men of color.
Training Opportunities: Research mentoring in masculinity research for doctoral and master's students
Preferred Contact Information:

An asterisk (*) denotes APA accreditation