Announcing the winners of the 2010 education and training awards

Learn about Rosemary E. Phelps, PhD, and Michael Cole, PhD

The Education and Training Awards Committee and the Board of Educational Affairs are pleased to announce the winners of the 2010 Education and Training Awards.

2010 Recipient of the Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training in Psychology Award: Rosemary E. Phelps, PhD

Rosemary E. Phelps, PhD, has had a major influence on students, as evidenced by her five teaching awards, her professional activities, her scholarship, her leadership posts, the impact of her training, and most of all, the initiatives she has developed that have significantly improved or created opportunities for students. She has dedicated much of her professional work to the recruitment and retention of students of color at the higher education level. Dr. Phelps has demonstrated her commitment to scholarly and academic excellence though grant acquisition, workshops, conferences, and publications. She has developed over 20 workshops and presentations on preparing future faculty. She is the consummate role model for aspiring academics and for those who have experienced obstacles in their scholarly pursuits.

2010 Recipient of the Distinguished Contributions of Applications of Psychology to Education Award: Michael Cole, PhD

Michael Cole, PhD, has worked for almost 50 years to understand the effect of culture on cognition and particularly its impact on human language development and learning. This theoretical interest has been translated into ways to improve education, from K–12 to the doctoral level. He has received many honors and is a full professor in three departments at the University of California, San Diego. He is renowned for his development of the 5th Dimension, a unique media-facilitated after-school program for underprivileged young school children used around the world.

Dr. Phelps and Dr. Cole will receive their presidential citation and $1,000 award at the 2010 APA/APF Awards Ceremony in August 2010 at the 118th APA Annual Convention in San Diego, CA.