Precollege and Undergraduate Education (PCUE) update

New resources for psychology teachers, an upcoming workshop for high school teachers and followup on the APA National Conference on Undergraduate Education in Psychology
APA National Conference on Undergraduate Education in Psychology

To followup on the 2008 APA National Conference on Undergraduate Education in Psychology (NCUEP) at the University of Puget Sound, conference participants and Education Directorate staff have been involved in disseminating conference highlights and discussing key recommendations.

The directorate published a special issue of the Psychology Teacher Network newsletter (Spring 2009) on the NCUEP. In August 2009, APA released a new book, Undergraduate Education in Psychology: A Blueprint for the Future of the Discipline, which reports on the major themes of this conference. Through conference presentations and a new online “virtual” book group, participants are extending the dialogue about the critical issues and concerns that were addressed in Puget Sound.

In fall 2009, the APA Board of Educational Affairs (BEA) distributed a draft of the Principles for Quality Undergraduate Education in Psychology. These recommendations were developed in the months following the 2008 NCUEP. In accordance with Association Rule 30-8, BEA circulated the principles for review and comment (this fall). For more information about the NCUEP and the Principles for Quality Undergraduate Education in Psychology, contact by email or call (202) 336-6140.

Resources for psychology teachers

The APA Office on Precollege and Undergraduate Education encourages all psychology teachers to visit our website and access resources that promote the teaching of psychology:

  • National Standards for High School Psychology Curricula: The standards set forth learning objectives for students and are designed to guide curriculum development of the high school psychology course. The standards are currently being revised for the second time; a draft revised document will be available for public comment in 2010. 

  • Unit lesson plans: The APA Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS) has produced 18 unit lesson plans for high school psychology teachers, each with a content outline, activities and resources. TOPSS is in the process of revising some of the original units; revised documents will be posted to the TOPSS website as they become available.

  • Assessment Cyberguide: This guide provides strategies for effective assessment planning; designing, critiquing and evaluating assessment strategies; and applying assessment strategies in psychology (revised November 2009).

  • Adjunct faculty resource manual: This manual was created by the APA Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges (PT@CC) to support the instructional and professional development needs of adjunct faculty members.

  • IRBs: A Community College Planning Guide (coming soon): PT@CC created the IRB resource manual to help faculty and administrators at community colleges establish their own IRBs.

APA/Clark University workshop for high school teachers

July 26–28, 2010
Clark University, Worcester, MA

The sixth annual APA/Clark University Workshop for High School Teachers will be held July 26–28, 2010, at Clark University in Worcester, MA. 

  • Workshop facilitators will include Clark University psychology professors and high school teachers from the APA TOPSS. 

  • Housing in the Clark campus dorms and materials will be provided for all participants. 

  • Participants will receive travel stipends of $100 (NEW IN 2010: Five $250 travel scholarships will also be available).

Application forms and additional information about the 2010 workshop are available on the Conferences and Workshops page. The application deadline is April 15, 2010. For more information, please contact Emily Leary.

This Workshop is sponsored by the American Psychological Foundation, Clark University and APA, with generous support from Lee Gurel, PhD.