Center for Psychology in Schools and Education (CPSE) update

Learn about teacher stress and recognize schools for effective learning environments

CPSE is pleased to announce the completion of a module for teachers that outlines definitions and strategies for combatting stress as well as the development of two new task forces to further the interest of psychology in professional practice.

Teacher stress module

This module is based on the psychological literature relating to both general and teacher-specific stress. The module identifies different types of stress and recognizes that maintaining a balance between the two is what determines a person’s overall sense of satisfaction and security in his or her work. The module covers seven sections, including definitions as well as resources and survival strategies. The module may be accessed on the CPSE website.

Task Force to develop an APA award recognizing schools for promoting effective learning environments

This CPSE project — developing an APA award to be given to an exemplary school each year in the city in which the APA convention is held — was proposed during a working group session at the Board of Educational Affairs (BEA) meeting in March 2011. An expert panel is currently developing criteria for the award. Once the criteria have been established, BEA will identify a panel of judges to conduct the process of soliciting potential awardees and identifying the winner.