Award for Innovative Practices in Graduate Education in Psychology

Two groups shared this year's award

The APA’s Board of Educational Affairs (BEA) presents an annual award to graduate departments of psychology that have enacted innovative programs that significantly affect the quality of education and training provided to students. In 2010, two groups shared the award:

  • Jorge Wong, PhD, accepts the BEA Award for innovative Practices in Graduate Education in Psychology from Cathi Grus, PhD, on behalf of Joyce Chu, PhDPacific Graduate School of Psychology at Palo Alto University was recognized for its curriculum, which emphasizes diversity and community mental health. This new curriculum aims to recruit individuals who can address the cultural diversity needs of recipients of public mental health, with emphasis on underserved communities; train clinical psychologists in the specialized roles and skills that will allow them to lead in the transformation of the public mental health system; and train and mentor psychologists motivated to pursue careers in community mental health and the public sector. The award was presented at a ceremony on campus in September 2011. 

    The award includes a stipend of $5,000 (split between the two winners). The award is sponsored by the BEA, which collaborates with the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology in the review process.

  • University of Denver Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) was recognized for its Internship Consortium. The consortium is exclusively affiliated with GSPP (i.e., only Denver University GSPP students are matched with the internship). It is APA accredited and an APPIC (Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers) member, and it provides 12 one-year full-time internship positions across seven sites. The consortium helps address the professional psychology internship shortage by creating new positions that would not otherwise exist. In addition, the consortium is an example of connecting an academic program with an internship program. The award will be presented at a ceremony that will take place in May 2012.