2009 Accreditation Assembly:
Conference Presentations and Notes

Opening Plenary Session (Friday, May 29)

Welcome & Conference Overview
Nancy Elman, 2009 CoA Chair
Kelly Ducheny, 2009 Accreditation Assembly Sub-Committee Chair

Accreditation Update
Susan Zlotlow, Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation

Carrying the Question of Quality Into Our Future
Roger Peterson, 2009 CoA Associate Chair for Quality Assurance

Breakout Sessions #1

Assessing Program Goals, Objectives, & Competencies: Doctoral Programs (PDF, 32KB)
Kelly Ducheny (CoA)
Elizabeth Klonoff (CoA)

Assessing Program Goals, Objectives, & Competencies: Internship/Postdoctoral Programs (PDF, 196KB)
Joyce Illfelder-Kaye (CoA)
David Martin (UCLA-Harborview Medical Center)
Richard Seime (CoA)

The Impact of FERPA/HIPAA Regulations on Addressing Trainees with Problems of Professional Competence (PDF, 224KB)
Jeffrey Baker (CoA)
Nancy Elman (CoA)
Ann Springer (APA Office of General Counsel)

(Advanced Track**) Been There, Done That: Offering a Deepened and Nuanced Understanding of the G&P for Program Enhancement and Consultation (PDF, 188KB)
Pat Alexander (CoA)
Marlyne Kilbey (CoA)
Celiane Rey-Casserly (Board of Educational Affairs; 2006 CoA Chair)
Bill Strein (CoA)

Breakout Sessions #2

Common Pitfalls in Self-Studies (PDF, 236KB)
Betsy Horrocks (APA Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation)
Jim Lichtenberg (2007 CoA Chair)

Developing Practicum Training (PDF, 40KB)
Jeffrey Baker (CoA)
Donna Horn (CoA)
Nicole Manns (CoA, Student Member)

Creating Affiliated Internships (PDF, 120KB)
Joyce Illfelder-Kaye (CoA)
Linda Knauss (CoA)

(Advanced Track**) Integrating New Developments in Professional Psychology Into Program Enhancement and Evaluation (PDF, 223KB)
Roger Peterson (CoA)
Richard Seime (CoA)
Celiane Rey-Casserly (Board of Educational Affairs; 2006 CoA Chair)

CoA Open Forum (PDF, 56KB)
Presentation (Audience Questions)

Breakout Sessions #3 (Saturday, May 30)

Understanding and Applying the Implementing Regulations (PDF, 359KB)
Bill Strein (CoA)
David Hess (CoA)

Broadening Diversity Recruitment Efforts (PDF, 140KB)
Carlton Parks (CoA)
Kelly Ducheny (CoA)
Elizabeth Klonoff (CoA)

The Use of Technology in Assessing Competencies (PDF, 306KB)
Wayne Siegel (CoA)

(Advanced Track**) Clarifications and Dilemmas in Applying the G&P: Offering Feedback to the CoA
Jim Lichtenberg (2007 CoA Chair)
Susan Zlotlow (APA Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation)
Nancy Elman (CoA)
Brad Roper (CoA)

Closing Plenary Session

We Know We’re Not in Kansas Anymore, But Where Are We? Thoughts on the Future of Training of Professional Psychology
Elizabeth Klonoff (CoA)

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**Advanced Track breakout sessions were specifically designed for experienced site visitors, site visit chairs, experienced training directors and accreditation consultants. The sessions presumed significant familiarity with the G&P and the self-study expectations.