External Requests for Research

As stated in Implementing Regulation E1-3(a) (Use of Data and Research Personnel Resources) (PDF, 1MB), when a request for additional research is approved by the CoA, the aggregate results of such analyses will be made available to the public through the Internet.

Below are research requests that have been completed by the Accreditation Office:

(1) The Office of Graduate and Postgraduate Education & Training Programs of the APA Education Directorate requested additional data regarding the number of APA-accredited internship programs and the total number of interns for each region throughout the United States in 2006.

(2) The Office of International Affairs of APA requested a summary of the numbers and distribution of international students in graduate programs in psychology.

(3) The Society of Counseling Psychology (Division 17) requested the number and percentage of International Students attending Professional Psychology programs broken down by specialty area (Clinical, Counseling, School) for the last 5 years.

(4) A faculty member from a nonaccredited clinical PsyD program requested descriptive statistics of the number of core faculty and students of programs that have received a maximum term of accreditation (7 years), broken down by program substantive area and degree. This request is consistent with Implementing Regulation C-18, Core Faculty in Doctoral Programs."

(5) A doctoral student from a counseling psychology program requested data on the number of accredited counseling psychology PhD programs that have voluntarily withdrawn from accreditation in the past 5 years or are in the process of doing so. These data represent all counseling psychology PhD programs within the past 5 years that have an official status of “withdrawn” and “accredited-inactive.”

(6) A doctoral student at a clinical psychology PhD program requested the frequency and percentage of the espoused training models of all accredited clinical psychology PhD programs.

(7) A professor of counseling psychology at a U.S. university requested data on the number of (a) international students and (b) total students (int’l + domestic) enrolled in APA-accredited doctoral programs in Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology and School Psychology each year from 2002 to 2009 (separate numbers for each area). The data are presented by area and by degree. This analysis is being used to compare the percentages of and trends in international students admitted into these three areas of study for a book chapter on cross-culturally competent counseling psychologists.

(8) A graduate student from an APA-accredited PhD program in counseling psychology requested the demographic breakdown of all students in accredited clinical and counseling psychology programs for the most recent year of available data. These data will be used in the student's dissertation to determine if the sample used in the study was representative of the population.

(9) The director of an APA-accredited PhD program in clinical psychology requested the frequency of accredited programs that identify themselves as having a "scholar-practitioner" training model since 2006. These data will be used in discussions to establish an accurate identity for the program. The Commission on Accreditation agreed to publish the frequency of all training models for accredited programs during that time period.

(10) A doctoral student at an APA-accredited Clinical PhD program requested the demographic breakdown of all students in APA-accredited clinical and counseling programs from the last 5 years.  These data will be used in the student’s dissertation to determine if the sample used in the study was representative of the population. The student specifically requested the data for all programs and individually in the states of New York and California.

(11) An associate executive director at the APA requested the number of doctoral students in accredited psychology programs in 2011 that applied for (and obtained) a doctoral internship in APA/CPA-accredited programs and non-accredited programs. These data will be presented overall and by program substantive area (e.g., clinical, counseling, school, etc.). A request was also made for the number of positions available in any given year at APA/CPA-accredited doctoral internships. Together, these data will be used by the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) to identify areas of need for advocacy, and to better inform advocacy efforts.

(12) An associate professor of school psychology at a U.S. university requested a breakdown of early employment setting outcomes for recent graduates by doctoral program area and degree, student placement into APA/CPA accredited internships by doctoral program area and degree, student placement into non-accredited internships such as CDSPP, APPIC, etc., by doctoral program area and degree, and interns’ background substantive area by internship program setting from the 2012 ARO. These data will be shared with CDSPP membership and may be incorporated in an article on how CDSPP is addressing the internship imbalance.

(13) A psychologist from an APA-accredited internship program requested the number of interns in accredited programs by part- or full-time internship type by program setting in 2012. These data will be submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. 

(14) A psychologist on behalf of the Committee on Disability Issues in Psychology (CDIP) requested the number of individuals identifying as persons with disabilities and number of students total for doctoral, doctoral internship, and postdoctoral residency programs from 2006-2012. Findings are presented by area and degree for doctoral programs, program setting for internship programs, and practice area for postdoctoral programs. These data will be used to help CDIP better understand the needs of trainees and psychologists with disabilities and to better advocate on their behalf. CDIP will disseminate the information through the committee’s APA website and prepare an empirical article summarizing and analyzing the finding in context of other existent data. A submission to a journal will be considered.  

(15) A doctoral student in Education requested APA-accredited clinical psychology program characteristics, such as: applications received, admission offers made, and student dropouts from 2008-2012. These data will be used in the student's dissertation to help examine the use and alignment of program characteristics in admission criteria for clinical psychology programs.