2012 Annual Report Online

Data are available online for the 2012 accredited programs

The 2012 Annual Report Online (ARO) closed on Sept. 15, 2012 with 99 percent of programs submitting their annual data on time. This is the highest completion rate in recent memory. The CoA applauds your attention to this important matter. The CoA also appreciates your openness to using the new CoA Portal. We are eager to hear about your experiences with the new software platform so we can identify development priorities for 2013. All registered users of the new site will receive an email soon with a link to an online evaluation survey. In the meantime, the CoA Portal is still open for you to view (and download) your 2012 ARO data. Contact the Research Office if you have any questions. Finally, the CoA wants to remind you that descriptive statistics from 2004-2011 AROs are available on the Accreditation website.