Proposed CoA actions

Submit your feedback on current proposals to be considered by the commission

The following two proposed CoA actions are currently out for public comment. All comments will be reviewed at the upcoming CoA meetings.





Roadmap: Phase II Questions


At the fall meeting, the CoA reviewed more than 400 pages of comments received from the public on the first phase of questions for the review and revision of the “Guidelines and Principles for Accreditation” (G&P). Each of the CoA’s policy groups (doctoral, internship and postdoctoral) analyzed the comments and drafted follow-up questions that are now available for public comment. Early in 2013, CoA members will also meet with a number of its communities of interest at scheduled meetings during the second phase of review (scheduled to continue through June 2013) and will provide additional opportunities for public comment. (See the Roadmap, Phase II article.)


Proposed revisions to IR C-22 and IR C-23 Combined, these revisions attempt to clarify how programs demonstrate the importance of cultural and individual differences in education and training as required in Domains D.1 and D.2 of the G&P. Public review and comment on these revised IRs are available through Feb. 1, 2013.


To download the proposed actions and policies, view comments received, or register to post comments, visit the Accreditation Public Comment website. Comments may be submitted as an individual or as part of a group, but must be submitted electronically for consideration.