Public disclosure of accreditation decisions

CoA opens proposed options for public comment, beginning April 1.

In response to guidance from the Council for Higher Education (CHEA), the Commission on Accreditation (CoA) considered options for enhancing the content of information provided to the public regarding decisions on accreditation status. Currently, the CoA reports accredited status and year of next site visit on its website and describes the guidelines for three, five and seven year decisions in its Notice of Actions published 30 days following each program review meeting.

Although the CoA was granted continued recognition, CHEA reiterated an interpretation of its standards that insists on specific information regarding the basis for accreditation decisions. As a result, the CoA has crafted three proposed options for public comment; a fourth is open-ended to allow for additional suggested options from the public. Any changes to public disclosure will necessitate public comment, review by the APA Board of Educational Affairs, and approval by the APA Board of Directors of revisions to Section 8 of the Accreditation Operating Procedures (PDF, 253KB).

The public comment period is scheduled to begin on April 1 and continue through June 1, 2013.

CoA offers an online comment system for its publics to view proposals, access past comments (as appropriate) and to publicize individual and/or group opinions on accreditation policy proposals and issues. This system is the only means by which comments will be considered a part of the official record and reviewed by the commission. Comments may be submitted as an individual or as part of a group. Please contact the OPCA at (202) 336-5979 with any questions or issues regarding the public comment system.