IR C-20

Minor changes to IR C-20 approved by CoA become effective Sept. 15, 2013.

CoA addressed a few minor revisions to Implementing Regulation (IR) C-20 as part of its policy agenda. This IR concerns programs' disclosure of education/training outcomes as part of the information programs provide to prospective doctoral students and to the public. Doctoral programs are required to update these data by Oct. 1 every year to reflect the most recent seven years. Each winter, OPCA staff review all doctoral programs' "Student Admissions, Outcomes and Other Data" for compliance with IR C-20. Based on the results of the 2012 review, minor changes were proposed and subsequently approved by CoA. Most notably, the two "Time to Completion" tables have been combined into a single table, allowing programs the option to describe policies relating to advanced standing for students (when applicable). Also, the title of the Web link to C-20 data from programs' homepage must be "Student Admissions, Outcomes and Other Data" so the public can easily find and compare information across accredited doctoral programs.

The revised IR is now available on the CoA website and doctoral programs will be subject to its requirements on Sept. 15, 2013. The template tables and instructions for IR C-20 are available on the OPCA website. Doctoral programs are strongly encouraged to review these changes in order to ensure that the IR C-20 data being presented are completely consistent with CoA requirements.