Commission on Accreditation (CoA) Update: Past Issues

  • May 2012

    Articles featured include: CoA spring meeting; revised implementing regulation– C-20; public comment items; accredited program reminders; special topics spotlight on accreditation status; and current program counts.

  • February 2012

    In this issue: new and updated program actions, member updates, operating procedures changes, accredited programs reminders, special topics and an overview of program review panels.

  • November 2011

    In this issue: program actions, members updates, changes to operating procedures, reminders for accredited programs, special topics and overview of program review panels.

  • August 2011

    In this issue: US Department of Education review & recognition, seeking public comment on changes to accreditation operating procedures, new and revised implementing regulations, and overview of program review panels

  • May 2011

    Articles featured include: CoA spring meeting; new implementing regulation – C-11(d); Annual Report Online; public comment items; higher education session at APA Convention.

  • December 2010[PDF]

    Sections featured in the December 2010 update include CoA Fall Meeting – Program Actions, Members Completing Terms of Service, CoA Leadership 2011, CoA Meeting Dates 2011, New IR for Domain G, Reminder: Notify CoA of Program Director Changes, Review of Doctoral Programs’ C-20 Data, Review of Public Comments on IR C-16, and Questions for Doctoral Programs and Training Councils.

  • August 2010[PDF]

    Sections featured in the August 2010 update include public comment on IR C-16; site visit report templates; CoA reviewer-program matching process and new & revised Implementing Regulations.

  • April 2010[PDF]

    Sections featured in this update include Annual Report Online, upcoming changes to appeal procedures, site visit report templates, 2010 fees, current implementing regulations, achievement thresholds for doctoral programs, postdoctoral residency issues.

  • February 2010[PDF]

    Sections featured in this update include 2009 program review summary, fees update for 2010, CoA meeting structure update, Accreditation Assembly, public information for doctoral programs, new and revised implementing regulations and public comment.

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Program Accreditation Decisions

Accrediting agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education are required to notify regional accreditors, selected specialized recognized accreditors and state agencies responsible for postsecondary education of final accreditation decisions.