Staff and Contact Information

Office of the Executive Director/Directorate Administration

(202) 336-5970

  • Cynthia Belar, PhD
    Executive Director
  • Catherine Grus, PhD
    Deputy Executive Director
  • Jackie Tyson
    Associate Executive Director for Administration and Governance
  • Sharon Leiss
    Associate Director, Administration
  • Debra Perry
    Administrative Associate

Governance & Communications

(202) 336-5959

  • Hunter Clary
    Director, Communications
  • Amber Shifflett
    Assistant Director, Governance

Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation

(202) 336-5979

  • Susan Zlotlow, PhD
    Associate Executive Director
  • Tia Scales
    Associate Director, Accreditation Governance and Administration
  • Greg Greenwood, PhD
    Associate Director, Accreditation Research
  • Elizabeth Horrocks
    Assistant Director, Accreditation Operations
  • Erin Wilson
    Accreditation Administration Manager
  • Jacob-Joon H. Meyers
    Accreditation Research Manager
  • Joe Gayk
    Preliminary Review Manager
  • Lauren Williams
    Program Agenda Manager
  • Ashima Lavelle
    Site Visit Manager
  • Allie Robertson
    Site Visit Coordinator
  • Tasha Haywood
    Accreditation Administration Assistant
  • Jennifer Robinson
    Accreditation Research Assistant
  • Kristin E. Knight-Griffin
    Preliminary Review Assistant
  • Alicia Walker
    Preliminary Review Assistant

Office of Graduate & Postgraduate Education & Training

(202) 336-5855

  • Garth Fowler, PhD
    Associate Executive Director
  • Daniel Michalski
    Associate Director
  • Jan-Sheri Morris
    Program Officer
  • Caroline Cope
    Research Officer

Center for Psychology in Schools and Education

(202) 336-5977

  • Rena Subotnik, PhD
    Associate Executive Director
  • Maie Lee
    Program Officer

Continuing Education in Psychology

(800) 374-2721, ext. 5991, option 3

  • Greg Neimeyer, PhD
    Associate Executive Director
  • Marcia Segura
    Assistant Director
  • Janis Pitt
    Program Officer
  • Wanda Johnson
    Marketing Manager
  • Cristina Millett
    Program Associate

CE Sponsor Approval System

(202) 336-5991, option 1

  • Antoinette Minniti, PhD
    Associate Executive Director
  • Shamika Shelton
  • Brandy Facey
    Program Associate
  • Beverly Johnson
    Administrative Coordinator

Precollege and Undergraduate Education

(202) 336-6140

  • Robin Hailstorks, PhD
    Associate Executive Director
  • Martha Boenau
    Associate Director
  • Emily Leary Chesnes
    Assistant Director

Education Government Relations Office

(202) 336-6062

  • Karen Studwell, JD
    Associate Executive Director
  • Jennifer Smulson
    Senior Legislative and Federal Affairs Officer
  • Alexandra Ginsberg
    Legislative & Federal Affairs Associate