APA Education Leadership Conference

The APA Education Directorate is excited to have had the opportunity to work with its Board of Educational Affairs in developing these conferences and in meeting its objectives.

In addition to APA governance members and division representatives, participants include representatives from over 25 organizations external to APA that are concerned with education and training in psychology. The long-term goals of the annual ELC are to:

  • Provide a forum for groups and organizations across all levels of education and training to address issues of mutual concern.

  • Promote a shared disciplinary identity among education and training leaders in psychology.

  • Impact public policy regarding education in psychology and psychology in education.

Learning in a Digital World — 2014 Education Leadership Conference

The 2014 Education Leadership Conference featured the theme of "Learning in a Digital World." Attendees discussed applications of psychological science to learning in a digital environment and examine the use and impact of technology in education in psychology. 

Learn about the "Learning in a Digital World" conference, presenters, organizations and materials.