Committee on Education and Training Awards (E&T Awards)

The Committee selects up to two awards annually — Distinguished Career Contributions to Education and Training in Psychology and Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training in Psychology. The intent of the awards program is to recognize psychologists who make traditional contributions, who provide innovations, or who are involved in developmental phases of programs that influence education and training in psychology.

Staff Liaison

Sharon Leiss (email)


  • 2015 Chair: Sharon Berry, PhD (2014-15)

  • 2015 Chair-elect: Erica Wise, PhD (2015-16)

  • Arthur Graesser, PhD (2014-15)

  • Jane Halonen, PhD (2015-16)

  • Thomas Kratochwill, PhD (2014-15)

  • Ron Rozensky, PhD (2015-16)

Call for Nominations

The Board of Educational Affairs is requesting nominations for the Education and Training Awards.

Annual Reports