New lesson plans on Biological Bases of Behavior and Life Span Development are coming soon

The APA Education Directorate and the APA TOPSS Committee are pleased to announce the upcoming publication of two new TOPSS unit lesson plans, Biological Bases of Behavior and Life Span Development. The Biological Bases of Behavior lesson plan will include lessons on brain and neural function, the neuron, the organization of the nervous system, localization of function of the brain, lateralization of function of the brain, the endocrine system and behavioral genetics. The Life Span Development lesson plan will include lessons on methods and issues in life span development, theories of life span development, prenatal development and the newborn, infancy and childhood, adolescence and emerging adulthood, and adulthood and aging. Similar to all TOPSS unit lesson plans, each new unit will provide a content outline, resources and classroom activities.

Both units are expected to be published this fall and will be posted to the TOPSS website. Both units were produced with support from a grant from the American Psychological Foundation (APF).

Two online modules aligned to the Biological Bases of Behavior are also available through the website above, one on key points to remember in biopsychology and one of classroom demonstrations for the unit. Both online modules feature James Kalat, PhD, of North Carolina State University and were supported by funding from APF.