PT@CC and TOPSS Committee election results

PT@CC and TOPSS welcome new committee members

The APA Committee of Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges (PT@CC) is delighted to welcome two new members who will join the committee beginning in 2013. Linda Petroff, PhD, of Central Community College (Nebraska) and Patricia Puccio, EdD, of the College of DuPage (Illinois) were elected to the committee in the 2012 elections.

The PT@CC Committee extends thanks and appreciation to Lillian McMaster, PhD, for her service to PT@CC and her commitment to excellence in the teaching of psychology. She will be missed.

Linda Petroff, PhD  Patricia Puccio, EdD
New PT@CC Committee members (left to right) Linda Petroff and Patricia Puccio

The APA Committee of Teachers of Psychology at Secondary Schools (TOPSS) congratulates three new members who will join the committee beginning in 2013. Michael McLane of Sterling Heights High School in Sterling Heights, Mich., was elected as the TOPSS chair-elect. Yadira Sanchez of Academia Maria Reina in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Maria Vita of Penn Manor High School in Millersville, Pa., were elected as TOPSS Committee members-at-large.

The TOPSS Committee extends thanks and appreciation to Jeanne Blakeslee and Michael Hamilton for their service to TOPSS and their contributions to the teaching of psychology.

Michael McLane  Yadira Sanchez  Maria Vita
New TOPSS Commitee members (left to right) Michael McLane, Yadira Sanchez, and Maria Vita