Instructor’s Guide to Using Research Methods and Statistics Concept Maps

APA Division 2 announces a new instructor’s guide for research methods and statistics

Ruth Ault, director of the Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology (OTRP), is pleased to announce a new research methods and statistics resource, “Instructor’s Guide to Using Research Methods and Statistics Concept Maps” (2013), by Alexis Grosofsky (Beloit College). It contains nine new concept maps for topics typically covered in research methods and statistics courses in psychology, plus it reprints two previously posted maps concerning computational material for statistics. These maps should help students organize the material in their courses and see the bigger picture of how the concepts interrelate. Pages in the resource are internally hyperlinked to facilitate students visualizing the interconnections. It is a product arising from a 2011 OTRP Instructional Resource Award and is available at the OTRP Teaching Resources website.