“Psychology Benefits Society” blog has launched

A new blog on the benefits of applied psychological science to society.

APA's Public Interest (PI) Directorate is proud to bring you our newest venture into social media — the “Psychology Benefits Society” blog. The goal of the new blog is to share the contributions of psychological science to the greater good. It is the newest addition to PI's expanding communication efforts.

Many psychologists start their careers seeking answers to the thorny questions of contemporary society. Questions like: How is appreciating diversity beneficial in 21st century America? What must we do to preserve the human rights of every member of our society? How do we protect our children from violence? How can we reverse and reduce health disparities among underserved populations?

Simply put, the “Psychology Benefits Society” blog message is that applied psychological science benefits society. Information is a powerful tool. By providing information consistent with psychology's evidence on human behavior, health and mental health, the blog will show how the field contributes to lasting and powerful social progress.

Teachers of psychology are educating the next generation of passionate and dedicated individuals who will strive to answer questions like these. Working in the education arena, your knowledge of the complexities of human behavior is key to finding resolutions.

As Gwendolyn Keita, PhD, (PI's executive director) said: "I believe that psychology has immense power to improve people's lives. Too many people are oblivious to how it can help solve their problems. From preventing violence and abuse to dealing with an aging population, from coping and living with HIV/AIDS to managing work-related stress — psychology has invaluable input to give."

To carry that message far and wide, the blog will:

  • Provide fresh, frequent coverage of psychological research that addresses health and social justice issues.

  • Highlight PI activities, programs, publications and resources that speak to our mission.

  • Feature testimonials from public interest psychologists and other mental health professionals on why they are passionate about the work they do.

  • Identify and discuss public policy in which psychology plays a role.

  • Announce opportunities for training, fellowships and membership in APA governance.

  • And more.

Your feedback and engagement will be essential as we launch this blog. We want to hear from you. What issues do you want to see covered? What do you think about psychology's role in bettering society? Do you want to contribute a guest post? Feel free to comment on our posts and share them with your friends or colleagues. Subscribe to the blog's RSS feed or PI's In the Public Interest newsletter. Connect with us via Twitter or send us an email.