New videos and PowerPoint presentations available online

TOPSS offers videos and PowerPoints to enhance your teaching.

High school psychology teachers can visit the TOPSS website for many new and existing resources for the classroom. New resources include videos and PowerPoint programs for teachers.

Online videos for high school psychology teachers

The Education Directorate has posted nine videos from the 2012 APA/Clark University Workshop for psychology teachers, thanks to funding provided by the American Psychological Foundation (APF). The video descriptions for each YouTube video, presented by two master high school teachers, include time codes for different teaching activities or parts of the talks. The new videos are:

  • “Scientific Inquiry and the National Standards for High School Psychology Curricula”
  • “Teaching Sensation and Perception”
  • “Presentations on Biological Bases of Behavior “
  • “The Importance of Research Methods in Introductory Psychology”
  • “Learning Science Research and High School Psychology”
  • “Presentations on Life Span Development”
  • “Presentation on Individual Variations and Cognition”
  • “Adolescent Sleep”
  • “Presentations on Social Psychology and New Research”

Seven additional videos from the 2012 APA Convention are also available online for teachers to view.

New PowerPoint presentations

Several new PowerPoint presentations have been added to the TOPSS website on topics such as rehabilitation psychology, aging and geropsychology, family psychology, clinical psychology and psychoanalysis for teachers to view and use as needed.

Other TOPSS Resources

Please be sure to visit the TOPSS website for additional resources for teachers, including: