Rubric for APA TOPSS Charles T. Blair-Broeker Excellence in Teaching Awards

Criteria Maximum Available Points Awarded Points

Application form.

For information only


Three letters of support, one each from:

  • Former Student (2 points).
  • Superintendent, principal or administrator (2 points).
  • Colleague (2 points).

Letters attest to teacher’s commitment to academic and professional excellence, passion for teaching, and/or impact on student learning



Lesson plan:

  • Clarity (4 points).
  • Creativity (3 points).
  • Fosters student engagement (3 points).
  • Directly addresses the National Standards (1 point).



Personal statement demonstrates:

  • A passion for teaching (3 points).
  • Contributions and accomplishments in the teaching of psychology (3 points).
  • Efforts to improve nominee’s teaching of psychology (3 points).
  • Evidence of leadership activites related to professional development (3 points).



CV or resume.


Total Points 30 Maximum Available Points